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Need some opinions guys. 1993 GMC light duty 2500 Ex-cab 4x4 105,000 miles. The other night the shovelers were driving this truck, thermostat stuck, this truck is not equiped with the "Idiot Light Option" that reaches out and slaps you in the face when it overheats. So the boys ran it to 260 degrees and burned up the head gaskets at least and maybe the heads.(I'm guessing the heads are cracked, it melted the the temp sensor in the head.) It still runs but very rough at idle. I was going to replace this truck in a few months anyway. Now, the question, What to do with it?
1) Replace the head gaskets?(1500) (2000)if the heads are bad
2) Long block it 1 year parts only warranty 2500
3) GM Goodwrench 3yr/50,000 tranferable warranty parts and labor 3500
4) Sell it as is, deduct the approx cost of repair from market value.
Do you think I will be able to recoup the money fixing it when I sell it?
It is a nice truck, has a salvage title, it was hit in the front when I bought it.


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Ow! That's hard to take! This is only an opinion, not based on personal experience:

There may be more damage than just gaskets/heads due to the overheating, so options 2 & 3 are your better choices. In either case, I don't think you will be able to recoup your investment in those repair options (looks like around at least $3,000) when you sell the truck.

Option #4 may be the best choice if you were considering selling the truck in the near future anyway.


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fix it yourself for half of the cost then sell it if you were going to any way........should have less than a grand easy
WOW ! those are some pretty high prices for repairs.I own an auto shop,and if we charged like that,i'd have no customers.Head gaskets should be $800.00 plus an add'll 4-500 for a new set of heads if needed.I put a brand new GM goodwrench crate motor in one of our trucks,which cost me $2100.00 new at the dealer,and would run about $800.00 labour.Now keep in mind,these are canadian prices,so it should be ALOT cheaper in the US.Find someone to do it cheap.Don't buy an expensive head gasket set,just a cheap one if you plan on selling it.Good luck.


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In my state when you buy a vehicle with salvage title it requires an inspection before being registered-you must trailer or flatbed the vehicle to DMV and succumb to having the vehicle gone over with a fine tooth comb.

That said, resale value, with or without an engine would be minimal. I would pull the heads, replace the gaskets, boneyard heads if necessary, and onward ho.

I dont think the truck would be worth putting a target motor into.

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I think with the truck being 8 yrs old and over 100K miles,the salvage title isnt going to matter much,so long as the repairs are good.The slavage title hurts new cars/trucks,when its that old it doesnt matter much.The engine-if you sell it,the brand new Goodwrench engine will make it worth more money-no doubt,the head gasket/head job-I qouldnt even tell anyone looking at it that you had that done-its a giveway that you overheated it.If I were closer-Id buy it from you as is-Thats a perfect truck for me.I know the goodwrench motor can be bought for around 1800-add 250 in parts,hoses,belt,tune-up paarts,oil,filters,etc..now the labor It would take me 7-9 to remove and install the engine-and 3-5 hrs to switch over the intake manifold,oil adapters all sensors,exhaust,accesorys, etc...So i figure about 11-16 hr hrs total labor.I think the 3500 is a realistic price if you figure all that,you dont want a cheap job-you want to get your moneys worth though.Good luck