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What should I do? We have 4-6 inches expected for tommorrow night with rising temps followed by 1/2 inch of rain do I plow through the whole snow and then plow final time in morning or do I wait and just plow 1 time in the morning?
Seems foolish to wait till morning I use trucks not bulldozers.


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First rule of snowplowing, dont ever believe a weather forecast.

Second rule is plow with the storm since you never know what your gonna get.

Back in March of 93, NJ got hit with its first "Storm of the century" (the second came in 96 go figure). They called it a white hurricane and it was really cool to be out plowing in it. Complete with thundersnow and lightning and ended up with about 12 inches of snow. In the middle of the storm it changed to rain and then back over to snow finally stopping after like 24 hours of precipitation.

After it stopped however, the temperature plummeted and anything that wasnt plowed, froze rock solid. Our sub broke the hydralic lines on his backhoe trying to move that stuff. We were using picks to break thru some of the mounds to allow access to buildings.

You could actually drive across the top of the snow in a full size truck/plow and not break thru it. One property of ours that had been plowed once actually froze up with the last 5 inches still on it. Were it not for a single pair of tire tracks thru the lot, you would have thought that the lot was completely plowed with just a coating all the way across it.

Im sure others will have differing opinions but theres mine.


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