What to do with my triangle window?


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This is my first time in the forum and I hope someone can share some advice. I recently purchases a 77 Chevy pickup and it's a beute. The problem I have is that it was recently broken into through the triangle window. The glass wasn't broken, they somehow managed to wedge it open and the lowerd my big window. I am greatful that they only got away with some tapes, but is there some sort way to prevent this from happening again? Is there some retro fit, or special trick you know of? Any help would be appreicated.



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Get a gun rack and a "Smith & Wesson" Security system sticker for the back window.

Seriously though, if your truck has the window latches on the vent windows that don't latch, get the newer ones that do. IIRC the older trucks don't have the button in the middle that keeps it from just spinning? Or was that a Ford I remember that on? My 83 has the latches.


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JC Whitney used to sell locks for the older trucks. I believe they fit from 67 - 77. They are little clamps, with a thumb screw. The drawback is that if someone really wants in, they will break a window instead. An alarm system may be a better choice. The locks used to be about $15 a pair. They also sell one for the sliding rear window. Many sliding rear windows can be opened with a credit card, or a butter knife..... You can cut a couple of wood dowels (like an old broom handle) and drop them in the tracks to prevent the sliding rear window from being opened from the outside. Again, the drawback is that a thief might break a window instead.....


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