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First thanks for taking the time to help out the new guys on the block. Situation, I have 7 drives to plow this winter. Most are your basic 2 car garage, say 40 ft by 60 ft. Have been trying to figure out how to charge, by time or snowfall. When clients ask "how am I billed" it would be nice to sound like I know what I am talking about.
I know answers will vary. I am not out to make alot, just cover were and tear and upgrade when needed.

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Well around here we get $35 for a two car drive one pass, Some guys do the seasonal thing I always liked to charge for what is done If it's a big storm and we have to do it again we charge again.Some guys have different ways that they charge but I think most charge per push up to so many inches.


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I am not out to make alot, just cover were and tear and upgrade when needed.
Are you talking about your truck or you. ;)

Your time is worth something also. Unless you are one of those millionaires that drive a plow truck at 4:00am just because you like to.

You should be able to get $25 to $35 per push easy.


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A lot always depends on locality, but 40 feet seems awfully wide for a two car driveway. My driveway is only 20 feet wide and my 1/2 ton and 1 ton can meet on it. A couple of things to figure - Do you need to do any/much backdragging from the garage or other areas? Are there several places to readily stack the snow? For billing, pricing etc, do a search. Lots of posts about those topics to look through.

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