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What the competition is offering with snowblower only service...?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Exact Services, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Exact Services

    Exact Services Senior Member
    Messages: 198

    This is for a retirement community. Very concentrated service area. Blowers and shovels NO PLOWS. Plows will not work in most driveways streets are too narrow. Besides I only have blowers.
    Service range is November 10 - March 10

    One time fee of $260 per single car driveway

    One time fee of $300 per double car driveway

    Wider driveways call the office.

    This is unlimited snow. Once a day limit. Any accumulated snow after 2:00pm will be cleared the following day. :eek:

    No Snow removal under any circumstances on Dec 25 or Jan 1st. No mention of thanksgiving...? :eek::eek: [my wife saw that and said see you don't need to work Christmas Day] :nono:

    No mention of trigger? No mention of de-icer?

    This company pretty much has a monopoly in the community. However I hear much grousing from their customers.

    They run exclusively 2 stage blowers ........ I run faster single stage blowers and have a big 2-stage Honda on standby on the truck.

    The flaw in their system is some of the double driveways are almost twice the length of shorter double drives. There are a few single drives that are shocinkly tiny and short.

    I'm sending out post cards this weekend. Yes I know I'm slow getting cards out but that's another story and thread.

    I'm open to any ideas on how to improve on this and offer a more appealing service and better value for the retirees. I'm already offering service agreements with 2-3" trigger and per event in this same area priced at a solid $1+ a minute per drive and walk. Per event.

    If we have another record snow this year like we have had the last 2 years and if I matched these prices and once per day I would possibly and likely fall below $1 a minute. Wimpy typical North Idaho winter well above $2+ a minute at those prices. That based on 1 event per day flat rate.

    I was thinking of offering PREMIUM service twice in one day for more than this quote and a minimal service 1 event per day possibly less than the competitor.

    What happens is people drive over the snow and pack it down. I saw this competitors driveways last winter. They didn't look good. One of my snow customer last year said it would snow and they never showed up all day on several occasions. Customer I signed up this week said, last year THEY left ridges of snow on her driveway last season - she wasn't happy - didn't leave the house becasue of it.

    It's a gamble if we have another record winter.

    Lets just say 3 of my contract customers, last winter, not in this community got their moneys worth after the 3rd week of winter. All of those in differnt parts of town huge PITA .

    FWIW I have consolidated my service area to a fairly dense corridor. I'm am not crossing any traffic jam areas in the morning or afternoon. I learned my lesson last winter. Market density is the name of the game. I'd rather run myself ragged in a small service area than waste time not getting paid driving all over town stuck in traffic.

    What say you
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2009
  2. buckwheat_la

    buckwheat_la 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,254

    not sure what you want us to say? i would say that what you should do is offer your service earllier in the day, sounds like the other guy has too much on his plate, if you match his prices (or come close) but offer sevice earllier in the day, those retirement homes well come. just make sure you follow through on your service.
  3. Exact Services

    Exact Services Senior Member
    Messages: 198

    All the time I spent zig zaging all over town last season for my spread out contracts I could easily of cleared 10-15 of these small driveways and made more $.

    This is what I have come up with:

    Premium Plan [priced higher than competitions 1 event service] - covers up to 2 snow events per day. 2-3" trigger. Early morning clearing and afternoon - evening clearing of snow. Results in the cleanest clearest possible driveway. Down to the pavement clearing. Flat rate for the entire season or pay per storm monthly billing on pre agreed pricing and snowfall. Full day coverage on all Holidays. Requires service and billing agreement. **[I'm considering making this one prepayment full season only to simplify keeping track of accounts.]

    Budget Plan - [priced right at the competitions 1 event service] covers 1 snow storm per day. No service after 5pm. [other service is cut off at 2pm] Flat rate for the entire season or pay per storm monthly billing on pre agreed pricing and snowfall trigger. Full coverage on all Holidays before 5pm. Requires service and billing agreement.

    I will offer service till the end of March. Front steps porch and walkways included. Other service end in early March.


    lowest level of service:

    On demand service:

    You only call when you need us payment required at time of service. Availability may be limited on heavy snow days.

    A few of these seniors work jobs but not too many.