what skid steere-what blade


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We are running two one ton chevys ( dually - diesel ) and a 3/4 ton chevy - one 8' straight - one 9' straight - and one 9' v -plow - we would like to add a skid steer - new holland or john deere ? If anyone has suggestions on which model can handle either a 10' protech or straight blade i would appreciate it - we handle both residential and commercial properties and feel it is neccessary to obtain one for heavy storms and additional stacking income - any replys would be greatly appreciated


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What are you trying to accomplish. Do you want the skid steer to be a front line plow piece? Or will it only be used to move snow bankings back?

You are kinda in a tough spot.

If you want it as a front line attack piece and are sold on a skid steer, i would get the biggest one possible. The 963 bob cat. This will allow you to move snow bankings, however i belive their may be a traction isshue for any major movement. I am not saying it will not move bankings, but the amount of movement you will be able to accomplish will be limited.

To really move snow, move up to a loader or back hoe, that is 4X4. You will have no problem stacking or pushing. The 963 should be able to push plenty of snow, and would work fine for plowing a lot every storm, if that is what you want to accomplish. Only when it comes time to restack, or relocate snow, the skid steer may fall short.

I think you need something like a 763 at the smallest to run the pusher.




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I just bought my 90xt at the beginning of this excavation season,I ran just about every machine that was available with hand controls.The new John Deere was the very worst machine I ran,the controls were slugish the cab uncomfortable and crowded.I did not try the New Holland because I am in the excavation bus. and I do not like the longer wheel base machines or the heavy lift booms for grading.I really thought hard about the 963 Bobcat but it is so big it makes it some what prohibitive during the non snow season.This machine is so high and wide that there are many places it cannot work. I was impressed with the 863 Bobcat but last year it was not available with full servo controls, air conditioning or ride control or a two speed and the hydro bucket coupler does not have its own circut, each was a thing I was not willing to sacrifice.
Many of these are now available from bobcat.As for a machine that will push a 10ft pusher it better be 8 to 9000# pound machine with a net hp of around 60.


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I appreciate your replys -my company also handles hardscaping and landscaping and think a loader will not be able to get in areas we need too - i will take your suggestions of what size machine to look for and let you knoe what i come up with -was also wondering your opinion on wether to go with a push blade or straight on it - commercial accounts our shopping plazas and am looking for both producyion but also a method that wont seriously shorten the work life of the machine