What Size Diameter Snow Stakes Do I Order?

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    The first thing you have to consider when ordering your driveway markers is what size diameter they should be. The two main choices for snow stakes thickness are 1/4″ and 5/16″ diameter. There are also 3/8″snow stakes available, but these are a little less prevalent due to a few different factors such as price, shipping issues etc. Below we will cover some key factors to consider when determining which stakes to get for this snow plowing season.
    4 Ft 5/16″ diameter snow stakes are by far and away the most popular option for snow plow pros. 5/16″ offers quality, and rigidity. It also allows for extreme flexibility. It is kind of the perfect storm of fiberglass formulation and really allows this to be the ultimate $1 product. There are no negatives of 5/16″ diameter driveway stakes.
    1/4″ plow stakes have become much more popular in the past couple years. This is mainly due to marketing from snow stake companies. It is difficult to determine on some websites, which diameter you are actually ordering. These stakes really are a good option because of the price. The downside? The plow markers are really thin making them less visible, less sturdy and can splinter a little easier than the 5/16″ snow stakes. Overall, they’re a great option for snow plow companies looking to save a few bucks.
    3/8″ Beast Marker snow stakes are awesome. Ideally, 3/8″ would be the driveway markers for any serious snow plow company. So why don’t plow guys want them? Why else? Price of course. Not only are they expensive because of the significantly higher fiberglass content, the shipping cost is also high because of the limited amount of stakes per box.