What should I do?

Andy N.

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Pittsburgh, PA
Here's the question. Should I plow with the storm on Xmas day and do the driveways of my two condo contracts or just wait until Thursday? What do you guys do? I plan on plowing the roads etc. and parking lots open by thursday morn, but what about drives and sidewalks?


Western CT
If its snowing we will be out. Taking breaks for presents and dinner if that is when snow is falling. Forecast now is for most snow to be late in the day into night. Should work out well. Open everything and then let the guys go home and come out late tomorrow night.

I would not want to wait till Thursday, regardless of the amount.
Mother Nature does not know it is Christmas and don't forget not everyone is Christian. There will be shops and stores open tomorrow and people will need to get around.


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Southwestern Pa.
Let it all wait til Thursday, especially the condos. When they call and complain, tell em you don't work on Christmas and give them our number. :)

Seriously, we checked with the churches yesterday and got their holiday schedules. They've been checked this evening, even though it's just been rain so far. They'll be visited again prior to opening for business tomorrow. The apartments and residentials will be checked before dawn as well, and the several commercial properties that get their public sidewalks shoveled will have that done too. The commercial properties that are closed for Christmas will be plowed with the storm if it's appropriate. They're now talking in terms of 6 inches total which is a little more than I'd like to push, but not quite enough to make me sure it needs pushed twice. Otherwise we'll just hold off until the turkey's all gone and work through the night so things are in good shape Thursday morning.