What setups do you all run?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by columbiaplower, Mar 15, 2000.

  1. columbiaplower

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    What band trucks do you have(brand model) and what type/size of plow do you have on them? Write down if you have any loaders/tractors and what do you use them for.<p>-Nick <br>P.S. and if you like them<br>and any small stuff for sidewalks<p>
  2. GeoffD

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    Ok i am trying to find out if i will have to plow friday am. So i will make this short.<p>I run ford smallest F 250 8600 gvw biggest F 650 26,000 GVW<p>I run 8, 8.5, 9' diamons and 2 fisher v plows and 1 10' fisher.<p>Also have 4 v-box spreaders with pre-wet systemts.<p>Have some other equipment and will provide a more detailed post later.<p>Geoff<br>
  3. n y snow pros

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    We have 2 Ford F 350(99,2000),2 Internationals with plows,1(87) with a permenant 1.5 Hiniker sander.Our plows consist of 2 8ft Hinikers,1 v-plow Hiniker,1 Fisher 9ft and 1 10ft Western.For sanders we have the 1 Hiniker mantioned,1 1.5yd Downeaster,and 1 Lagasse tailgate conveyer in our 6-wheel dump(this by far the best sander we ever bought,and safest).We have 1 97 JCB 1yd bucket loader with a 12ft pro-tec,1 99 JCB 5yd bucket loader with a 12ft pro-tec,1 97 914 Cat bucket loader,1 2000 908 CAT loader both with 12ft pro-tec pusher boxes. We also have 3 liquid tanks ranging in sizes from 220gals,525gals and 1000gals which go on our existing trucks for spraying anti-icing chemicals.We use MAGIC-0 is our chemical of choice due to its incredible melting capabilities and non-corrosive nature.
  4. yortengel

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    I run an 84 Chevorlet K20 with a 7.5 ft Meyers. 1 extra blade. I only do small lots and residential drive ways. This works pretty well, My next truck will be a Chevrolet or GMC, with a Western, Maybe a fisher. After working on trucks for 11yrs I prefer GM. they break less and are easier to fix. Ford and mopar are ok. I will never run a jeep again. and I really don't want another Meyers rig. They are slow, Lack power, and they seem to require more work.
  5. Alan

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    I'm currently running a 97 Chevy K-2500 and two S-10s. Only two plows, both 8 ft Sno-Way 25 series. Plan was to put a Sno-Way Vee plow on the 2500 this year but that fell through. With the scarcity of snow it's just as well it did. We keep one of the S-10s in reserve and let our sidewalk guy use it to get around during storms.<p>We have a 1075 Snow-Ex spreader on the 2500, used primarily for salt while we're plowing. In past years we had a Ford (Last one I'll ever own) F-350 with a 3 yd body and central hydraulics with a tailgate spreader. Didn't get eh central system on the 5500 that repalced the Ford so I've got a Tarco V-box in there right now. I expect to sell the Tarco as soon as I get the hyd system on the 5500 up and running.
  6. cutntrim

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    We've got 3 3/4 ton 4x4 GM's. ('85,and two '89's). Two snoway 7.5' (one lexan and one steel), and a meyers 8' with wings and a completely unreliable E-47 pump which we'll most likely replace with a new E-60 next year. Two tailgate salters (Buyers). One 10hp/26&quot; snowblower for walks. <p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>
  7. Alan

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    Something I cannot understand is why anyone would run less than an 8' plow on any fullsized pickup. Not necessarily being critical, it's just that with how I see plowing efficiency, anything under the widest you can push is a waste. Personally, I just love the way I can sneak around obstructions with my S-10s with that 8' moldboard clearing WAAAY out to the side.
  8. Mikey

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    I run a 1994 GMC K3500 SRW 6.5TD 4L80E with a 7 1/2' Western Pro Plow. (Alan, I have 2 banks that the drive throughs that I can't get through with an 8')<br>I have a Toro 2450 blower to do the sidewalks and a 24&quot; aluminum shovel for the steps.
  9. plowking35

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    Mickey how has that 6.5 been. 94 is the first year with the EFD and they had a lot of trouble have you? MY 98 has the 6.5 and its been great. It is nice to know that we have a tranny that wount grenade on us.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment www.sima.org
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    I need help. I'm more competent with a welder than a computer.<p>I have a picture of my rear plow and I have a scanner. I would like to be able to post it for everybody (except those in my area, lol) to see.<p>
  11. John DiMartino

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    I run a 96 dodge 2500 diesel w 7.5 fisher MM,an 89 GMC 2500 w bradford 1 YD V-box and 7.5 fisher MM,and a 84 S10 for driveways and backup,it has a 6.5 fisher MM.My father (and summer employer runs our golf course and I am able to use his equipment and building in the off season in exchange for plowing the lot and road in.I use the 1910 Ford compact tractor to load my V-box and others I sell to out of my pile.WE also have a steiner 420 4x4 with a homemade 5ft plow setup,but I dont use it much for myself. Dino,that 4L80E is not perfect,especially the 91-95.They are loaded with electrical gremlins,I know of plenty that left there owners on the side of the road.I do think its the best light truck auto trans available,but tell that to my dad who's afraid his will act up again,defaulting to 2nd once a month,dealer says nothings wrong.Last time he was going to florida it did it,added hours to the trip.He's ready for a dodge.LOL<p>----------<br>John D<br>
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    Dino<p>I've only had this one since Jan. Haven't had any trouble with it yet.<p>I had a '92 that the tranny went out of, backed out of the driveway one morning, put it in drive and it broke.<p>I'm a member of the DP too and I am starting to do some of the things that GM should have done in the first place.
  13. plowking35

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    Here is what we have<br>98 k-3500 4x4 with6.5td and 4l80 auto tranny.<br>Western MVP plow and smith harder spreader<br>99 Ford Ranger with 6'9&quot; fisher MM and meyer blade, airflow tailgate spreader<br>97 Dodge W-300 Cummins Poweredw/5sp w/9'western plow and Warren spreader<br>84K-20 350 auto tranny with fisher head frame and 8' meyer husky blade<br>All plows have urethane blades and all spreaders have urethane spinners<br>1986 310 John Deere loader/back hoe<br>2-Honda 621 Snowblowers<br>1- Agway 2 stage snow blower<br>Dino
  14. GeoffD

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    Ok<p>1 93 F 250 8' Fisher old style plow.<br>1 00 F 650 10' Fisher min-mount with V-box<br>1 97 F 350 Fisher V-Plow<br>1 97 F 350 Fisher V-Plow Diamond V-box<p>2 96 F 250 HDs 8.5 Diamond Plows<br>3 95 F 350 9' Diamond Plows one with V-Box<br>2 99 F 350 9' Diamond Plows <br>1 99 F 550 9 Diamond Plow and V-Box<br>1 00 F 350 9' Diamond Plow<p>JD 4300 Tractor with 5' blade<br>Kubota 540 Loader with old 9' Diamond<br>Cat 416C IT with 10' Blade <br>Cat 914 G 12' Blade<br>Cat 924 G 14' blade and Snow Pusher<p>Shovels Snowplows and all the other extras needed.<p>Other Equipment used in Utility Construction, but not used for snow removel very often.<p>Geoff<p>