What Plow Should I Buy?

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  1. jbell36

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    i am looking to buy a brand new blade for a F-250 heavy duty 3/4 ton...i have never plowed before but i want to mainly do residential driveways and small commercial accounts...need something that is quality...considering that V blades are more expensive and used for more of a bigger account i would like to stay with a straight blade? is that smart? any suggestions would help, kind of want to stay under $4000.00...(backdragging with the edge on the backside of the blade is definitly something i want)

    - What brands? definitly a fan of BOSS

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    your smart to get a backdrag edge, Just remember if a plow your lookin at dosent have one you could always buy one, but then again there is a diference in a backdrag edge and a plow with down pressure, I dont have a recomendation as Ive used neither of these systems. Also Id recomend some wings if you get a 7.6 blade or just look for an 8.
  3. 06HD BOSS

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    No doubt, an 8' super duty Boss. :cool:
  4. NoFearDeere

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    Ditto, Boss buddy. Cant beat 'em!wesport
  5. payton

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    anything with out a chian..
  6. AbsoluteH&L

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    "What plow should I buy" That's like asking what brand underwear should I buy. It's all brand preference. Meyer
  7. lawnsrusinc.

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    Not a snoway !! i prefer blizzard we have 5 of them and most money that i have put into fixing one plow was $60.00
    Hi snoway reps
  8. nbenallo33

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    JMO... i would go with the snoway with the down pressure especially if your doing driveways and if it's your own personal truck the snoway hooks up and disconnects within seconds... by far the quickest and easiest in the industry i don't know why any one would go with a chain lift especially when your back dragging...
  9. lilweeds

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    Blizzard speedwing for what you want to do.
  10. hydro_37

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    Go with the Sno-Way. Down pressure is the best.
    What dealers are nearest you? Dealer service should be a consideration.
  11. lawnsrusinc.

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    Yea consider dealer service and overall plow structure.
  12. blowerman

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    Boss or Western seem to be the main plows around Milwaukee. I have both, but like the Boss straight blades the best. No chain, simple to work on. Then again, we in house fix our plows. Go with which ever has the best dealer support in your area.
  13. nbenallo33

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    dealer service is a key.
    we sell lots of plows due to the fact we stride and take pride in or service
  14. Enviouslawns

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    8ft boss all the way i bought one this year on the same truck it works great with no problems...
  15. ahoron

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  16. Gicon

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    Definitly get a Fisher X Blade. No need for an additional back drag edge. I just dont know if you can find parts and service in your area. Fisher is clearly the Cadillac of plows though....
  17. Bibbo

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    i have to agre here gotta love them fisher's :D
  18. theplowmeister

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    I've done only driveways for 22 years, I just got a V plow... I will never go back to a strait bladepayup Faster, better job.
  19. OP

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    thanks for all the information...after checking for dealer locations i've found that all of the plows are within 45 minutes of my location (boss being the closest)...is sno-way the only one that offers down pressure? or do all plows have it? i'm sure a pump with down pressure would be more expensive so if i could get by with a back drag edge i'd rather do that...differences in 7.5 and 8 ft. blades would be helpful, i don't know which way to go...i'm leaning towards boss, any suggestions? $how much do they run$...also, this all includes the blade, pump, and lights right?
  20. nbenallo33

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    snoway is the only plow on the market that offers down pressure! :nod: