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Wow, a whole day went by without a new thread being posted. Either all our old trucks started working at the same time, or folks just took a day off. I figured, since it was so quiet, I'd just say how much I appreciate all the help I get here, and enjoy dishing out info. We deserve to give ourselfs a pat on the back for creating a great community. Now, back to business, Chevy trucks. I'm thinking about buying a new one. I'm still in college and just don't have the time to have my nice old one be my daily driver, because it's more of a daily project. The new truck has to do this: drive back and forth from Idaho to Alaska once or twice a year, pulling a 14 foot trailer sometimes. Pull a 4500 pound boat with ease. Not drink TOO much fuel (I get 8 to 10 now, how much worse can it get) Haul rock and other construction equipment in the summers, and get around in the snow in the winter. Also has to be no more than 15 thousand. Student loans and big car loans don't go hand in hand. Soooooooooo, what I was thinking, is something along the lines of a 94 or 95 chevy 3/4 ton, extended cab long box 4x4. I want the extended cab, because with all the crap I carry around, and my big stereo, the inside of my regular cab is cramped. I want the long box for capacity, as well as to be able to camp in it with a shell on. I'm 6'2" and the short box just wouldn't work with gear and a girl. I've heard good and bad things about the 6.5 turbo diesel, and was hoping some of y'all might have some insite as to which years had chronic problems, and which were fairly trouble free. I think they used some different injector pumps different years, but am not sure. I had an old 2 wheel drive 6.2 diesel and loved it. Great mileage with the 4 speed manual with overdrive. If the 6.5 doesn't work out, I'd get a 350, but would like to stay away from the 454. Either engine I'd like to get with a 5 speed. I've looked around and it's not hard to find a truck that fits this bill for around 12k. Any thoughts? Insight? Stuff I've forgotten? Thanks.



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Sounds like you've done your research - one quick question: Do you plan on doing any plowing with this truck? If so, the manual trans might become a bit of a nuisance after a while.

What I've heard (I have no experience with them myself) is that the GM diesels are decent engines but when overhaul time comes around its big $$$. Other members are a lot more qualified than me to answer diesel questions though.

Even the 350 should do better than 8 - 10 mpg anyway! (Unless it's in my truck - no wonder I give mine "summers off"!)

Good luck with whatever you decide on.


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Then..................It sounds to me like a pretty good combination you have picked out.

Depending on how hard it will be worked on the construction side in the summer, I'm wondering if a 1-ton version (single wheel - unless you'd rather have the dually) would be a better choice. Of course, the tradeoff there is I don't think you'll have as much luck finding what you're after with regard to the other specs.

Everything is a compromise - no one truck will do it all 100%. As I said, what you have picked out sounds like a good choice.


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That configuration truck should be quite common, finding one with the 6.5 may be a little tougher. The 94-96 years were the most troublesome for the 6.5, however the issue was mostly fuel supply related, and will have been addressed by now. So any truck that you buy should already be updated with all the fixes.
Unlike the fird and dodge diesels, the GM has a usefull life of between 2-3k.So just keep that in mind. However compared to those same engines the GM is mush more affordable to replace and repair engine wise.
The other thing to look for is front end wear.
The gm diesel page is a great resource for info on gm diesels.

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