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Discussion in 'Kage Innovation Snow Plow Systems' started by JimMarshall, Feb 15, 2014.

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    Looking to possibly add a Kage to our fleet for next year on one of our skid loaders. Bought our first pusher this year, a 12 foot model we run on a Case 580 Super M backhoe (not a Kage)......

    Anyhow, after talking with a firm that runs them, I am not sure that the loaders we have are sufficient. For those of you who use Kage pushers, wondering if you could give me the following information?

    Size of pusher
    Make and Model of Skid Loader
    Wheels or Tracks
    Max Ground Speed
    Operating Weight

    And a brief synopsis of what you like or don't like about the setup - is it powerful enough, does it weigh enough to help you from sliding, how much has it increased your efficiency, any general comments, etc and if you were buying another one what features would you make sure the loader had? Really appreciate the input
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    Our experience for your reference

    Hi Jim,

    10' KAGE (5 seasons old)
    JCB 527-55 Loadall
    100 hp
    19 mph +or-
    Weight 12,000 lbs.

    The combo of the KAGE and telehandler in our opinion is the most productive approach to snow plowing for our applications. The JCB Loadall will out perform any skid loader we have seen, period. You have a roomy cab and the ability to push back piles, load snow easily etc. with a snow bucket. We use ours on a route and the grounddspeed is wonderful. I think it could handle a 12' but we have not tried it. The KAGE system is durable and productive especially with its means to turn. Again, this is just my opinion, and its based on our application for this maachine. The KAGE, while on the pricey side upfront will pay for itself in productivity over time. Not sure how long some of your pushes are, but if you are dealing with a heavy large amount of snow thats too much for the pusher, just pull the box on the KAGE in those instances and use it as a plow.

    photos 1-2011 015.jpg
  3. Longae29

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    The 520 is the ultimate snow removal machine the best of all worlds.
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    9ft. 2 nd year with it. S650 bobcat. Love it. I like the hydralic system, able to move around. I haven't owed other pusher but I really like the Kage. Albe to push, take box off and use blade, just great pusher all around.
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    4 9 foot kages..All New Holland skid steers..range from 42 HP to about 90, wheeled and tracked...you don't know how nice angle is with a pusher until you use one...just wish they made skid pushers bigger than 10 ft.
    You won't be sorry you bought one,
  6. SNO-PRO

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    8' Kage
    New Holland l175 Skid loader
    19.5 skid/truck tires

    Love the kage only bad thing I should of bought a 9', the 175 with snow tires has no problem pushing a full box. Its a great combo and the versatility of the kage is priceless.
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    Not to hijack the thread, any opinions on a kage going on a takeuchi t130?
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    Basic thread... I sometimes don't run any machines. The volvo l70 I ran a few months back. Thought I'd post for others to enjoy. 7" of snow and it just walks right through it!