what kind of trucks do companies want for subs


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just wondering what is the smallest and oldest they will take.what type of plows they like.i have a 97 f250 LD with a 7.5 western and a 99 F350 dump no plow on that one yet.would they take a f250 LD?? i like plowing with that truck does a good job.
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Thats going to vary alot, but for us it has more to do with the person driving as opposed to what they are driving. That being said, I'm looking for at least 7.5 and a dependable truck for our accounts.

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The same with us, it is not important what they drive, but how they plow. We would like at least a 7.5, and definatley someone reliable. I can't tell you how many guys I've been thru in the last 4 years that will work great for a few storms, then it is like what the .....

The older the better,but size does matter

As long as the truck has been properly prepped and maintained,i'll take a sub with an older truck anyday.We have had a few nightmares with subs down waiting for parts.The older trucks you can find parts anywhere,heck,you can even make some of them they are so simple.73-87 chev\gmc's are preffered.

A 7.5 foot blade is a little small,unless you doing really small stuff.Size does matter.Bigger blade is more effecient,and pays more too.

But number one would be the driver himself.Some guys can just get it done,no matter what they are driving.

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