What Kind of Plow Truck will this Make?


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I just bought a new 2000 F-450 4x4 Reg Cab XL, 141"wb, 6.8 v-10, manual, 4.88 ratio limited slip.

I was plowing with a 3/4 ton chevy 4x4 w/5.7 auto.

One question I have is about the gear ratio. The ford is a 4.88 and the chev. is a 4:10; what is the difference?

Finally, the truck has a 15000 # gvw, how big of a v-box can I get away with putting on this truck?

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Sounds like it will make a good plow rig to me - possible candidate for a V-plow? Only thing you might find a bit of a nuisance while plowing is the manual transmission - "clutch in/clutch out" etc, but that is simply a matter of personal preference.

The higher the gear ratio, the more low end torque. You trade off top end for this - your engine will be turning at higher rpm's at highway speed than something with 3:55 gears as an example. For pushing snow, 4:10 or the 4:88 you have with your new truck is a good thing - you've got even more "bottom end" with 4:88 than you did with 4:10.

Don't know about the V-box question, I know it will end up depending on the weight of your truck, plow and empty V-box subtracted from your 15,000 GVW.

Just "my opinions"!


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Geoff, you mean I can't put my Meyer st 7.5 on it? just kidding.

Wow, a 3 yarder!

My township always advertises for sub contractors to do street plowing, would this truck be suited for the job?

In lay terms, what is the difference between a 4:88 and a 4:10 driving-wise?



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I'm not sure you will actually notice that much of a difference when driving your new truck, (compared to the one you were driving before) but having that higher rear end gear ratio will make it easier to get that 15,000 lb GVW moving from a stop sign!


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My 550 & 350 have the same wheel base as the one you got. Both plow well. I have the 4;88 gears in the 550 it makes it a better pusher and puller than my 350 w/ 4;10's. Like you I was plowing before with a pickup w/ 8' bed it did a little getting used to the diffence in wheel base of tight areas manuvering. 4:88 are a lower gear ratio which gives you more power to the wheels but limits overall top speed. There are many large capacity sander to fit the SD. If you are concerened about the weight with a sander and plow have the truck weighed. Also the stock general so called all terrain tires suck on wet packed snow and mud.

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That 450 ought to make a sweet plow truck,just add some good rubber,I wouldnt put an MC plow on itunless you are going to plow roads for the state-its 1600 lbs-you can put a regular 9 ft fisher on and save 700 lbs on your front end or get a 9-9.5 V if your going to put a 1600 lb plow on it.The weight you save on the front is that much more you can carry in the v-box.In Fishers book-the F450 can take either the MC 9 or 10 ft or the reg 9 ft Fisher.The 4.88's are perfect fro that truck-dont forget it probably has a 26000 lb GCWR-you can pull a 16000 trailer with it-legal if you want-then you'll need those gears-and with a plow and V-box you'll need them too. Good luck.

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The biggest problem you will have is that you will have to time backing up with a sun dial with the 4.88 and 6 sp.
Stay with the auto's.
the second problem you will have is fuel mileage, stay with the diesel.


It also depends what size tires you have. I have seen some 450/550's that have 19.5 factory rubber, and that will make a diff on how your gear ratios performs.


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A 450 is a nice unit but I would go auto with the diesel much better combo but the V19 does have alot of kick to .I saw a alot of trucks plowing for the towns around here and some where so old and 2 wd too. good luck with your 450 it is a nice plow truck and with the 4.88 it will go thru any thing.