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I just Bought a 75 dodge with a 3-4 year old western plow and a 7' vbox for next to nothe'n some serfice rust but no holes.I cant figure out what kind of sander it is.It has about 40 coats of paint on it i think the org.color is orange no name anywhere small plate on rt. side on rear of the box but all i can make out is a stamped number 142-73.the 73 is probley the year,yes its old but in very good condition has a b/s motor not sure of hp.starts like a champ filled it up fist time 10deg started right up?It has a centrifcal clutch not elect. ANY IDEAS.
It sounds like it's a Flink. I had one a few years ago with a vertical shaft 8 h.p. Briggs & Stratton. It was a model LMC-6A. They're made in Streator, Illinois. I think, mostly used by municipalities, at least the ones I've seen recently. I've still got the original installation, parts and operating manual with brochures from it and it shows it sitting on an early 70's Chevy/GMC. I could be way off on my ID on the unit though. Good luck.

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