What is Your take on working for local Gov't?


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Has anyone had a good experience working for local government. A couple years back, when we were in the middle of a snow storm, the City of Cincinnati called me up and said they wanted a bid for several streets they were unable to clear. The City was unprepared and out of salt also. But before I said sure, I will bid them, they told me they would fine us if the streets were not cleared in time. Once I heard that, I said no-thanks and hung the phone up. I thought to myself, why-in-the-hell would I spend time working for someone at a low price and be subjected to late payment or the possiblity of no payment. When I already have enough work that and I am paid my price and on time. I have had a bad taste in my mouth ever since, which has prevented me from submitting any bids to local government.
Maybe things are different elsewhere, I just refuse to work from someone that threatens us.


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We took our first plowing job for a state agency by the hour (had no choice on the hourly thing). Anyway, we picked this job up via one of the local property management companies, so luckily, we'll deal w/ the management co. and not the state agency. Anyway, I'm praying it won't be a nightmare from all of the red tape that's associated w/ government work. One thing about working w/ state agencies is that your bid, contract and prices are open for public inspection. Good if you get the work, bad if you don't want to know what your're charging. The bottom line is that we probably wouldn't have taken this job if it wasn't for the fact of dealing w/ the management company.

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