What is this worth?


GreenBay, WI
Hi everyone,
I am new here, but I like the info so far.
I have a '86 F250, Reg cab, 351 and I want to put a plow on it for personal use, plus a couple neighbors. Can anyone point me to a used but nice plow or where to find one?
I know of an '87 F250 just like mine with a 7'6" Western unimount, about 8-10 yrs old. I think its a pro-plow (heavier than standard). My question is how much is the plow worth? The truck is in tough shape so I would like to offer the guy some money to take the plow only. The unit was used by employees at a cabinet shop, so it's been well used, but seams reliable.

Thanks for your input.

PS. We had our first flurries about 2 wks ago.


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I would try your local want ads or used car and truck mags . That plow could be worth about $1,200 but 86 and 87 frames on the trucks are different. wich would mean the mounting frame would be different. happy hunting.

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