What is our best option to use.........


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:D What is our best option for plowing snow a V8 2wd Tundra or a V6 4x4 Tundra. we are new to the snow plowing business and we want to loom long term. We Live in an area of Idaho typically does not get a ton of snow a few years ago we got 12 inches on Chistmas and it melted the next day. We appreciate any input.


These forums are the best and have been a great deal of help to us as we begin our new business dream.

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are the tundra's really that much cheaper than say a half ton from the big three, or a jeep tj?

how about used?

since the redesign, have never seen a tundra plowing. only tacomas. havent read a post where someone was using one, but it'd be interesting to hear.


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4x4 no question. Tundra is a nice vehicle and I have seen a few with snoway plows on them it should work out fine. But for the price of the tundra they are what around 24,000 plus the cost of a plow you may want to look into a full size.

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