What information do you give your operators?

Lawn Lad

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Putting the finishing touches on the plow routes and assembling the operator's binders. This is the first year that we'll do site maps of each commercial location no matter the size.

I was wondering what all else you guys give your operators - or plow drivers? Brainstorming to see if I'm missing anything.

Things to consider:

1) Map of area to be serviced marking locations of properties
2) Property site maps and description of service to be performed
3) Check list for loading and post storm check list
4) Copy of plow manual
5) Accident/injury reports
6) Emergency contact information (Police/Fire in various cities)

John Allin

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We give 'em our pricing structure, tax situation, how to under cut us and sell against us.....

J/K..... we do like Lawn Lad for our Area Supervisors. Front line plowers don't get much at all. Too worried about being too tied to them.

Lawn Lad

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Understandable you want to give operators limited information - it's on a need to know basis. Your area supervisors would handle the information flow up and down. Thanks JAA.

I'm thinking smaller terms - one truck lots, maybe a two truck lot. Bank, gas station, church size lots where a driver has his route (similar I'm sure with what you do too). I can certainly understand in a larger setting with multiple trucks on one or two sites you need only tell them "Plow there..." with limited customer information.

I'm sure it cuts both ways... some share a lot and others share very little. Draw backs to both approaches.


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I used to have the following

1. Map of the area
2. Locations, including number of drives from a cross street, color of the building, sign, house or biz number, ect.
3. Where the snow should be placed, if the lot was to be haulled off or relocated we piled different then a regular push.
4. Salt /sand truck responsible for the lot.
5. Shoveling if any, and who was responsible, the driver or what shovel crew.
6. Completion deadlines if any.

The salt trucks also had two binders, a plow binder, and a salt binder. The salt binder included who was responsible for plowing.

However no cost figures were disclosed.



Western CT
I follow much of the same on a much smaller scale. I have always tried to let the drivers be somewhat independent though. They often have to make their own decisions when vehicles are in the way, snow is drifting or other factors. No storm is the same as the last. I go over all the sites with them and they have a binder with important information but the actual plowing is up to each driver to maximize.

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