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Mick, slsnursrey, our moderator,steveair.... anyone else got any people that haven't made their apprearances in a while?<p>bryan<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumList?u=993086&quot;&gt;Bryan's Snow Removal Equipment Picts.&lt;/a&gt;<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.snowplow.web.com&quot;&gt;The Snowplow Homepage&lt;/a&gt;

Chuck Smith

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I'm still around

Hello everyone,

Yes, I have been quite busy. I have moved my Chevy Pages to a .com address, and have been adding, and editing A LOT. I also started another new site, Snowplowing-Contractors.com, and have been working on that quite a bit as well. I am getting married in November, and have been planning that too. I have been watching my soon to be step daughters for the summer on top of it all. I like the new look of Lawnsite. I see that I am no longer the moderator of this group. ERIC ELM is now the moderator.
This forum has come a long way. I have mentioned it before, and I'll say it again. I remember when this forum was a tiny little message board. I got an e mail from Chuck Keough, asking me to add a link to it from my tiny little AOL member pages. I did, and he added one to my pages in return. As his forum got more visitors, he sent out a mail asking for suggestions for more forums. I suggested one for snowplowing, as well as one for Chevy trucks. He was kind enough to add them, and I was the moderator of them. Eventually, he added the other truck forums, and has now grown to all the new forums we have here.
He knew what it was like for those in our business, not having a place to go on the web. The lack of information on the internet, and the fact that here was no place to discuss important topics.
I think most important of all, is the fact that Chuck has dedicated himself to providing this wonderful resource for us. Right from the beginning, all of this has been free. How many websites, that provide so much information are free today? NOT MANY.
Sorry to get off on a lark, but after getting Chuck Keough's e mail about the amount of traffic Lawnsite.com is getting, and how the server can't handle it, I thought I'd give a little information on how these forums were "born".
Hopefully, after the kids go back to school in Sept., I'll have more time to read and post here, like in the past.
Once again, I'd like to thank Chuck Keough, and everyone that posts here for making it the great resource it is.
Mick, SLS, and the other's will be back I'm sure. The fact is, that most guys are busy with their lawns and families this time of year. As my friend Dino says "Think snow"!

~Chuck Smith (former Forum Moderator)

Eric ELM

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Chuck Smith (former Forum Moderator)

You can take out the former now. :) Chuck has been very busy with the software change over and had lots to set up. I'm glad to see your name on the list again. :D

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