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What did you break this 2013-2014 season?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by 97f250Heavyduty, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. 97f250Heavyduty

    97f250Heavyduty Senior Member
    Messages: 131

    Hey guys, just wondering who else broke things this season. Busted a hydro angle line this season. Knock on wood that's it.

    Anyone else care to share what they broke/how they broke it?

    I apologize if a thread like this has already been started.
  2. Grasshackers

    Grasshackers Junior Member
    Messages: 17

    So far my used western has been very good to me, just picked it up at the beginning of the season. Although I think the angle cylinders need rebuilt this off season.
  3. procut

    procut Senior Member
    Messages: 903

    Off the top of my head; one transmission, a few plow hoses, a spinner shaft on a salt spreader, and another spreader controller - not bad considering how much plowing we did. Had to spend quite a bit on tires, cutting edges, batteries and other misc. 'wear items,' though.
  4. kimber750

    kimber750 PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 4,681

    Me personally, nothing. Did have to replace DTR sensor on my truck. Now the guy I work for, plenty got broke. Angle hose on 8' Meyer, tranny in international, ran same international out of fuel, Spinner motor on swenson spreader, spinner shaft bearings on swenson spreader, chute on saltdogg spreader, rear bumper and bed on F 350, both driver's side doors on same F350 and glove box latch on F250. Think that's it. :dizzy: Also tossed a few parking blocks of the top of parking garage. :laughing:

    Just part of the fun.

    Oh forget the worst break of all, the bank account. Dam seasonals :realmad:
  5. 2006Sierra1500

    2006Sierra1500 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,758

    Lets see..not much. A shovel, a plow motor went on one truck, a fuel pump on another. Didn't break anything from use, more like lack of use. Oh...does a pushplate literally falling off from rust count?
  6. rjm06590

    rjm06590 Member
    from de
    Messages: 56

    Burned up the motor on my Ultramount, but it was party my fault. The battery terminal was shot and I kept running it to the point of melting the terminal, wires and prematurely wore out the motor. Other than that just a bunch of wear items; tires for both trucks, front hub bearings, two steering rods and two tie rods between both trucks, new front axle u joints on the 94, calipers on the 99, power steering pump 94, and water pump 99. All I can think of right now and most things needed to be done beginning of the season.
  7. MajorDave

    MajorDave Senior Member
    Messages: 968

    2 wheel bearings, 1 U-Joint, 1 spindle, Destroyed rotor during right hub fiasco, other u-joint while other hub crumbled! Boss plow was fine! Haha. This thread made me laugh - oh and destroyed 2 customers for fun!
  8. 04trd

    04trd Senior Member
    Messages: 162

    O boy where do I begin. New tranny and transfer case on one truck. Motor mount wheel bearings and some wiring on our dump truck. Two new spinners for salt dogg. New auger for the salt dog. Reason for new spinner and auger is my wonderful employes actually got the 2 yard dog to fall out of the back of my dump truck with it fully loaded and properly tied down with heavy duty ratchet straps. And that's why they all got fired Thumbs Up

    Messages: 31

    new tranny few houses tires and the bank account
  10. 2006Sierra1500

    2006Sierra1500 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,758

    How do you guys break so much? I'm plowing with friggin half tons ffs
  11. Stik208

    Stik208 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,319

    A frame from a sewer, I was going between 10 and 15 mph. I've been plowing the same lot for 5 years and nothing like this has happened before. This plow is beat to hell from the previous driver or so I was told.
  12. maxwellp

    maxwellp PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,123

    Fuel Pump, Axle, U joint, Snow-blower belt, Wheel bearing, Not to bad but we are not done yet. :)
  13. jhall22guitar

    jhall22guitar PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,056

    Shear pins, tailgate latch, cooling fan relay
  14. House2Home

    House2Home Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    My Big toe. Left my dogs out, municipality came by plowing the street and my dogs took off. I yelled, they didn't listen, so I got mad and kicked my shed door. Forgot I only had sneekers on. Whoops.
  15. Yardvarkman

    Yardvarkman Member
    from NE Ohio
    Messages: 30

    Front brake pad seized allowing the caliper to over extend and blow apart. Upper and lower ball joints. U joints. Busted a frame. Cutting edge shattered ( still haven't found half of it) 1 Whelen vertex quit working (warranty)

  16. Yardvarkman

    Yardvarkman Member
    from NE Ohio
    Messages: 30

    Fixed and holding strong

  17. superdog1

    superdog1 Senior Member
    Messages: 257

    My luck has been fairly good this year. First of all, some nit wit underbid me by $8000 or so to steal a seasonal contract from me. I am sooooooo glad he did that, Lol!!! On the mechanical side, I replaced an alternator, 2 front U joints, power steering pump, cutting edge and a few bolts here and there.

    The worst thing though was when I shoved the plow under the truck. I was helping a buddy out doing a lot for him because his truck broke down. I was going 5mph and hit a patch of ice hidden under the snow. It sheared the driver side mounting bolt off, which in turn allowed the plow to twist sideways and go under. That one took a few hours to fix. Luckily, we have a machine shop!

    snow storm 011.jpg

    snow storm 013.jpg

    snow storm 015.jpg

    snow storm 018.jpg

    snow storm 021.jpg
  18. NThill93

    NThill93 Member
    Messages: 96

    Motor in the Meyer went 80$ on Ebay, just cracked the cutting edge on the Hiniker, tranny line went on the Cummins
  19. leigh

    leigh 2000 Club Member
    from CT
    Messages: 2,342

    Snowblowers- broken choke levers, carbs gone bad, straight gas in one blower seized motor,broken pull start ropes,blizzard 810- bad pump, multiple welds to fix multiple problems, fisher mc- bad pump seal,flooded motor with hydro fluid, put on new pump and motor, Swenson utg spinner motor failed spent 1k on two new ones (1 for future use), gmc 4500- broken brake booster line,leaking tranny line,backed into dodge caravan 6700$,bad solenoid for dump bed. chevy 2500hd- worker backed into building-bent bumper,broken taillight dent in rear quarter, had to remove and reinstall the truckside blizzard mount after driving back to shop after pump failed(took some big hits,manhole covers etc) new bolts,remove snapped bolts.One door mat eaten by 2 stage, Wow, and I'm having a great year!payup
  20. kimber750

    kimber750 PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 4,681

    How do you like the swenson utg overall? We went with saltdogg utg after all the issues we have with our swenson v box.