What Color Snow Stakes Show Up Best In Snow Storm?

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    One of the most common questions we get here at DSS is, “what color driveway markers show up best against the snow?” If you ask 10 people you may get 10 different answers. When we first started out in the snow removal business, there were only wood stakes. At the time, those did the trick. Then came orange fiberglass stakes and those changed the whole game. After we rolled out our full color spectrum of fiberglass markers and even custom color reflective tape, the choice became even a little less clear.
    We wanted to layout all of our driveway marker color options and display exactly how they look against a fresh snow fall. Also, below, I am going to give you my personal opinion on order of visibility starting with the most visible. Next to it, I will give a brief explanation on why I think they rank where they rank.
    1. Orange Snow Stakes – the original, the champ, safety orange
    2. Red Snow Stakes – a little less bright than the orange, but safety colors are the best in my opinion
    3. Blue Driveway Markers – blue isn’t the best when snow is not on the ground, but once snow falls, the blue really stands out for the plow truck drivers
    4. Black Driveway Markers – really similar visibility level to blue, but obviously less bright
    5. Green Driveway Markers – green stakes are probably my favorite because they blend in with the landscape when snow hasn’t come yet and really pop against the snow once winter is here
    6. Yellow Snow Stakes – one of the more popular colors over the years, but they are very bright, so they kind of mix in with the snow
    7. Pink Snow Stakes – really good color and jump out at you, but on the lower end of visibility overall
    All the different color snow stakes and driveway markers that we carry are fluorescent and have great visibility. You really can’t go wrong, whatever best suits your needs for color coding, matching company colors etc. The video offers an accurate view of visibility against snow and the product pictures are safe to measure against also.