What Can I pre-wet with?

I want to add pre-wet systems to my spreaders.

Can I use Liquid urea or any other liquid deicer?

I want to stay away from salt brine if I can, to corrosive.


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How about liquid calcium chloride???? It will make salt work down to -20 degree's. We use it to burn off snow & ice when the temperature drops below 23 degree's. :) ;) :) ED


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There are alot of liquids to choose from which can be used.Plain and simple there are 4 catagorys you should put liquids in.
1 liquids that work under the conditions they say they do
2 liquids that simply dont work at all and usually have side effects
3 Liquids which are corrosive
4 Liquids that are not corrosive or are very low corrosivity.
Once you pick 2 of the catorories you want then the choices become very limited and clean out alot of the dead wood sort of speak.You should then look at how feasible is it to get the product you want given your location.
Just give me a ring if i can help you any further
John Parker


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Did you have a tough time breaking through that hardpack from the Christmas Eve storm? It amazed me how much more salt was needed between the hardpack and the temps. Just wondered if you found the same and that is why you are considering pre-wetting?

The last few years, the temps have been warm enough for salt to be very effective. However, this last storm showed me that I may need to use a different approach in these conditions to get the level of service I desire.

I will tell those of you who don't know/don't believe that salt is about worthless around 20 degrees when you have no traffic or sunlight to help create heat. I believe just a small amount of pre wetting material would be enough to get a brine started and, therefore, activate the salt. Salt (any type of deicing salt, not just Sodium Chloride)+water=heat



I want to use it to make each load go farther.

I did have to use extra salt in some places, but the next day the sun poped out here and many cleared up beautily.

Also don't help with no trafic, and having a refreeze.


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Central Indiana
Look for a good supplier in your area.
If you find one then that is the guy to use!

I found a great one in my area.
I might know one in your neck of the woods.
Call me and I can give you a few phone numbers to try.


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Gotta love that magic.....Under 21" of snow we got a lot of bare pavement. By 9am Thursday the sun was melting dowm many of our lots before they were even treated again.

They were salted very heavy Christmas eve about 20 lbs/1000 sf maybe a little more. A buddy of mine went in a store here on Christmas eve which we had salted and said his car was sliding on all the salt in the lot. It was worth it though, there were lots snowed in all over and ours were 80% black and wet. Glad I made that drive to Taconic Maintenance the other day.

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