What are these valves for ? Help!

I really need to get to a Western Dealer and pick-up a mechanic's manual but, 'till then I thought maybe someone here could help me out.
There are several adjustments on the Western solenoid controlled unit that I need some help with.
#1 There appears to be an adjustable plug/valve on the top of the actual hydro pump itself (in the resevoir). Is this the pressure relief valve? If so, what will tightening or losening do?

#2 There is a valve/adjustment on the valve body located on the same side as all of the solenoid controlled valves. There's a spring, a stopper and a ball bearing in the hole that this valve seats in. Is this the cushion valve? It seems to control the flow/pressure of fluid to the angle cylinders. Loose = less flow / tight = more flow. Right?

#3 There appears to be a similar (set screw type - like the quill only bigger) valve/adjustment on the front facing of the valve body. I wasn't able to break it free yet but - what is it? The poppet check valve? If so what does it do and how do I adjust it.

My whole reason for inquiry is that I'm trying to get the plow to move faster from side to side. Right now it takes about 3 seconds to go from full angle right to full angle left and about 4 seconds to do the opposite. There's a brand new electrical motor and a fairly new pump in it. Flushing the system and changing an angle cylinder really helped improve plow performance. Also, replacing an o-ring on what I think is the cushion valve and losening this seemed to work too.
Any insight as to exactly what these valves are, how they affect performance and how they can be adjusted is greatly appreciated. As well, any other suggestions on how to angle faster? (or maybe this is fast enough - we only have one other western and it's brand new so it works like a charm. This unit is probably 6-7 years old). Thanks - any help is much appreciated!


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I think the top screw controls the drop speed, the front and back screws with springs and balls are crossover relief valves in case you whack something with the plow corners. The relief valves arent adjustable but if you took them apart theres a special procedure to reinstall them, involving a block of wood and a mallet :eek:
#1 The screw on the pump itself should be the pressure relief screw.You need a pressure guage to adjust it,as just a 14 turn is a difference of nearly 200 PSI ! Put on a new strainer and set this first before any other adjustments.

#2 The one on the solenoid side is a cushion valve (one more on opposite side).You have to lightly bottom them,and then back them out 1 12 (one and a half) turns each.Always good to replace all parts in here beforehand as they are cheap.

#3 The screw you are referring to is probably the other cushion valve,see above for adjustment.The poppet check valves are none adjustable,and are located on the top and the side opposite the solenoids.They are hex with a large flat washer type head.Do not adjust,if you think there is a problem,replace the little valve (spool) and the spring.

The quill - is on the top,controls the drop speed.Turn in to slow,or out to speed up.

Sound like either you have air in one of the cylinders,or a cushion valve is out of adjusment for one side.Get some new parts,and throw them all in while you have it apart,and then follow the adjusments above,and it should work well.

Someone please correct me if i'm wrong,as this is from memory only.

E-mail me if you need exact specs,and I'll dig up a copy of my mechanics manual if i can find it.
Thanks wyldman - this sheds a lot of light on the situation. Do you know were I might be able to get one of those pressure gauges and about how much they run? One more questions - what does the popett valve do ? Thanks again!

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Any high pressure guage will work(min 2500 PSI).I'm not sure what i paid for mine as it's over 15 years old ($20-30 maybe).Most supply or tool shops should have them.Don't go for the high dollar,liquid filled,as you'll hopefully only use it once a year for tune up's or diagnosis.
Sorry,missed the last remark on the poppet check valve.I'm not 100% on this,but I think it keeps the pressure in the lift cylinder,when angling.I do know if it's not working the blade is slow to raise,or will angle when raising.If your doing a minor rebuild anyways,throw a new one in.Also watch the torque on the solenoids,or the spools will bind,just snug.I'll see if i can find the exact specs.

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