What are the best years of older Suburbans?????


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I want to buy an older gas suburban in the 78-85 years. I don't need 4 wheel drive. I'm wondering if some years were better than others or if there are certain years to stay away from? I don't care if it is a carb. ARe the computer regulated carbs reliable? What are your opinions???



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Chances are unless you know the owner of a suburban for sale and know its condition your best bet is going with the newest model you can find...in your case 85...all of these suburbans were built strong. I believe all suburbans came with atleast a 350 some cases 454. I dont think any year has an advantage over another carb/computer carb. Its mostly a matter of personal preferance headlight setup ect. In my experiences with computer reulated carbs they performed fine.
I just bought a '76 Suburban last October. It has 90K miles, and was a one-owner truck. It's in excellent shape, 2WD, dual A/C, 454 with 3.73 gears. It is pretty much identical to the later ('78+)Suburbans, but there are some differences. By '78 you should have full shoulder seatbelts, mine has only lap belts, but the mounting provisions are there for me to retrofit shoulder belts. The '76 has NO emissions equipment requirements, other than a PCV valve. This is nice from a maintenance/repair/complexity standpoint. Much less stuff to break or rob HP. The rest of the interior is a little less fancy than the newer models...I think the newer Subs have door panels that extend alittle lower, more sound deadening, etc.
I love my Suburban and am selling my '99 GMC Sierra X-cab to make the Sub my daily driver. Hope you find one as nice!
BTW, there are some pictures of when I bought it on my web site...www.jeffsclassics.com

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