What about Bandag?


I spoke with a Bandag dealer recently and he says his product will outlast any new tire on the road. What do you all think about retreads? I have 265/75/16's on there now, I'm wondering if I should just get the General grabbers like so many past posts suggest.


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I tried bandags after alot of thought. (didnt want to run caps-seemed cheap) Well I'll tell ya I got twice the miles out of the bandags than new tires. I'm on my second set-the other truck which has run new tires only is going on set # 4. they wear like iron, I think you'll like em.

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Sounds like they'd be great for summertime use.

I'd never use a re-cap or any long-life tire for snowplowing. Too hard and therefore not at the pinnacle of traction.


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Before I was plowing I used to run Bandag "Commercial Traction Micro Sipe" in 7.50x 16. They did fine for traction, I'm not sure they would equal the Coopers that I run now for traction, but I do know they were not all that great for tread wear.

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