What a night


So, I'm out there doing lot cleanups with the diesel, and I stop in my office to check messages, drink hot chocolate, waste time, etc...


I get back out to finish the lot and the cab is STILL COLD!!! I didn't notice before, because I had just started the truck and I was cold anyway. The ice is building on the windshield and not coming off. I couldn't believe it. All the work I did readying this truck for snow and the fan quit working on the heater. In the old Chevy, I have high speed or nothing. In the Ford I have low speed or nothing. Now, in the GMC, I have... NOTHING!!!

Oh, this can't be. I'll tell you, for as little snow as I was cleaning up, it was a hard job when I had to wipe the glass every 30 seconds and get out to remove ice every 5 minutes.

And I thought tonight would be an easy one...


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had a similar problem with my 80 chevy shortbed.
I only had heat/airflow when going 45 mph & up. Hard to do when plowing a parking lot.
A $20 blower motor & $15 for my mechanic to install it & 20 min. later I was back in the saddle WITH HEAT!
Give it a try- actually you could prob. install it yourself. Now that I've seen it done once, I can do them from here on out. Unplug the elec. connector, unbolt the motor/housing from the firewall, bolt the new one in, & plug the connector back on & VOILA'.


lol you guys don't know till you drive a newer car with cab forward junk, the defrosters only go half way up the window, great if you live where it snows, atleast when truck heaters are working they blow like a son of a gun.


next time you need a blower motor consider getting one from a air conditioned Caddy. They fit the opening and have move more air at the same blower speed setting.


Oh, man this was a simple fix...

Under the dash where the blower motor is, there is a prong that sticks out and a wire attaches there. The only thing I can figure is this- I threw a set of jumper cables in the passenger side before I took off, and it must have caught the wire and unplugged it.

It sure was warmer out there today, I had to take off my coat (the diesel's heater works extremely well)