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Western Wideout

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by SnowMatt13, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. SnowMatt13

    SnowMatt13 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,559

    Just saw a demo yesterday. Our local distributor and a man from Western came to our shop with one. I've seen the videos and all of that, but very impressive in person. Might make the choice tougher in a couple of years when we get our next new dump truck, V plow or wideout. Anyone else got any thoughts.....anyone buy one yet??
  2. T-MAN

    T-MAN PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,363

    My thoughts after comparing them to a Blizzard 810 side by side , RUN !

    You have the right idea, wait a couple years and they may have the plow were it needs to be for commercial plowing. The way it sits now, there will be alot of re-designing going on this coming season.
    The Fisher XLS should grab all the headlines though, that plow will see catastrophic wing failure. The bad part with the XLS is even with the wings sucked in you cant protect em :rolleyes:
  3. SnowMatt13

    SnowMatt13 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,559

    Either plow I would choose would be for doing cul-de-sac clean-ups. So the ability to carry snow rather than loose it off the front of the blade is what I would be looking for. Can't afford to have break-downs.
  4. itsgottobegreen

    itsgottobegreen PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,351

    I bought one, yet haven't bought the truck it goes on yet. Can't wait.
  5. basher

    basher PlowSite Fanatic
    from 19707
    Messages: 8,993

    Buy the Blizzard, not the DDizzard. Why buy a over-priced copy when you can buy the real thing. I wouldn't be surprised if they recalled it for lead paint:rolleyes:
  6. jt5019

    jt5019 Senior Member
    Messages: 853

    For one there is already talk of the blizzards becoming hard to get. Two maybe he doesnt have a blizzard dealer nearby, go with whatever blade you will have the most dealer support for. I wouldnt get the new fisher or western version just because its the first year production and there is bound to be some bugs.
  7. T-MAN

    T-MAN PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,363

    DD purchased the Blizzard line for the technology. They each REINVENTED the wheel, and came up with there own designs.
    They have no comparisons to the original 810.
    I heard alot of confidence from the Manufacters in Milwaukee at Sima. If there so dang confident why no 8611 ? They allways build v's in 8'6" and 9'6" ? I get the sneaky feeling there afraid to hang one on a 2300 IH HA HA>

    The wings on both Red and Yellow ones will have issues, why even bother with an expanding wing plow if you cant run them out at 10' ?

    JT there are plenty of Blizzard dealers in SE Wi.
  8. dwp

    dwp Junior Member
    Messages: 4


    I picked mine up the end of August. I may be proven wrong, but I think this will be a fine plow. I have used Western for about 20 years, and have never regretted it once. Even though Western bought the Blizzard, I believe they have done their research before release.
    I've been wrong before, real wrong, as I was last year when I purchased the Sno-way 9-1 V.
  9. phishoook

    phishoook Member
    Messages: 79

    What is wrong with the wings? A lot of comments have been madde that they wont last and need re-designed, but no specifics about what is wrong. Not saying you're wrong, just need some facts as I'm looking to get another plow.

    If I remember right there were a lot of Blizzard wings that could't retract and would get in a bind and have to have a torch taken to them.
  10. T-MAN

    T-MAN PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,363

    Exactly, now compare the Western Wing to the Blizzard. The Blizzard is built like a Brick **** House. Blizzard has it dialed in now, do you think Westerns wing that is built half as heavy as a Blizzard will hold up ? :rolleyes:
    The Fisher Design is worse, no trip for the Wing period. When you plow at 8' with the XLS your wings can still be damaged.
    Honestly if you have an extra truck, or multiple pieces of equipment to play then go for it. If your "New" plow will be the frontline plow I would look elsewere. Remember the Heavily tested Tornado ?
  11. Brant'sLawnCare

    Brant'sLawnCare PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,756

    So, how are the Wideouts holding out compared to the Blizzards?
  12. itsgottobegreen

    itsgottobegreen PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,351

    They seem to be holding up quite well. But they do need something to act as a curb gaurd. Only problems I have heard about are people grinding the sides of the wings off running curbs. I have seen this start on my plow. The proplus wings are the same way too.
  13. snowman55

    snowman55 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,071

    purchased a blizzard and the western this year for comparison. both have good and bad points
    western: moves faster, Rubber wing edge gives more cushion on curbs and grass, prefer the ultra mount system, controller is easier to run(can scoop and retract both wing with 1 button). is red for visibility, easy access to pump and hoses for service
    blizzard: full welding not stitched, steel wing edge scrapes better, harder to access pump and hoses for service, easy adjustment for drop speed, heavier rams, slightly cheaper purchase

    that being said I guess I feel the western is a better plow have had no repairs on either
  14. Jerre Heyer

    Jerre Heyer Senior Member
    Messages: 948

    Running an Wideout on one of our trucks this winter too. Can't say that it's easy to access more than the hoses. The valves / coils almost require unbolting the pump to get to. Drop speed is still too fast with the quill in all the way also.
    Still havent gotten used to the hand held control again. I don't like the only option for the wings to be both in or out ( yes you can use the lower buttons but you guess which way they are going to move the first time. ) would prefer the dreaded MODE option to allow selection between both out and in or individual out and in. This is actually a programming issue so they should be able to do that.

  15. plowman4life

    plowman4life Senior Member
    Messages: 557

    ive got an XLS. have use a wideout. i just perfer the trip edge. my buddy has the wideout and swears by western i swear by fisher. i like the trip edge he likes full trip.

    his wideout was 6300 installed my XLS was 5800 Installed i also have a xtreme V for the same truck. identical systems. handheld joystick controller. fisher was $500 less.

    up to you. but i would recomend the XLS
  16. dwp

    dwp Junior Member
    Messages: 4

    Western Wide-out

    After roughly 200 hours on ground, I have had zero trouble with my Wide-out. I purchased mine in August, and will replace another for the next season. The hydraulic speed is very nice, and my drop speed is right. When I service this, it might be a different story, but so far, I am more than pleased with this purchase.....unlike the Sno-way that I traded out for this Wide-out.
  17. Flipper

    Flipper PlowSite.com Addict
    from CT
    Messages: 1,180

    Jerre can you run one wing angled out and one straight out? So that in windrowing you can have a wide blade and prevent spillover? I know you could do this with the Blizzard
  18. Jerre Heyer

    Jerre Heyer Senior Member
    Messages: 948

    The wide out and XLS wings will position just like the Blizzards do. Big differences are that the plow is actually 7' 9" - 9' 9" wide vs 8' - 10' but what the heck is a coupe of inches:D

    Control with standard function is up / down / left / right just like the new NON- MODE controller for the western and Fisher V plows.

    Upper left button takes both wings out at the same time ( and they chatter on the way )
    Upper right button takes both wings in at the same time ( same thing )(

    Lower left button makes the left wing go in or out with the first push and do the opposite when you hit it again.
    Lower right button does the same thing on the right wing.

    Gone is the ability to decide when and how much you want to move an individual wing. If you want to run just one out and stop too soon you have to hit the switch back in and then go out again.

    Don't get me wrong being able to scoop both or retract both is a nice feature.
    Being able to control each wing individually is a bigger one.

    Would have rather had them add angle and pitch mode where the wings change from scoop to flat when you angle the plow one way and switch when you angle the other way to make it work like the speedwings do from the controler.

    Probably too complicated for them to figure out though................Oh and we'd have a mode button again.

  19. Flipper

    Flipper PlowSite.com Addict
    from CT
    Messages: 1,180

    Yeah. To me the big advantage of the Blizzard other then the scoop is being able to windrow with the leading side in scoop and the spill side out wide so that you can get a nice wide pass. I would take the mode button. Never really bothered me on the V. I would like as many options as to blade postioning as posible.
  20. Brant'sLawnCare

    Brant'sLawnCare PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,756

    After reading through these posts, now I really want a Wideout next year!!!! payup