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Western unimount problem

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by StumpZ, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. StumpZ

    StumpZ Junior Member
    from NY
    Messages: 2

    Hi everyone, I have had a Unimount for 3 years with the joystick controller. I decided to be prepared this year and put it on my plow truck to change fluid, etc. I mounted it and went to put it up but instead it angled right and stopped. I chained it up to get it moved by the garage. I changed the fluid and if I hand angle it straight it will only angle right no matter what position I move the joystick. Do you think the controller is fried or maybe one of the valves is stuck open?? Help!
  2. soundzplus

    soundzplus Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    Its happened to me in the past as well. My problem was where the plow side wiring plugs into the truck side wiring. The connection between the 2 was my problem.
  3. DodgeRam1996

    DodgeRam1996 Senior Member
    Messages: 100

    Check all of your solenoid connections
  4. StumpZ

    StumpZ Junior Member
    from NY
    Messages: 2

    Got it! After switching to a spare motor then a spare pump I found the blue wire in the plow side was broken. Could have saved alot of time if I found that initially but it is working!
  5. kenai123

    kenai123 Junior Member
    from 99669
    Messages: 1

    I have the same western plow right turning locked problem

    StumpZ you say that you found a blue wire on the plow side broken. What did the blue wire connect to? I have the same western plow right turning locked problem without a solution. thanks!
  6. twinman326

    twinman326 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,683

    The light blue wire goes to the S3(4way) valve

    S3= angle left and raise