Western Ultramount Height Problems?


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I'm considering buying a Western Ultramount Plow.

Does anyone have any complaints about how low it hangs? I live in Buffalo, so I need to move a fair amount of snow...don't want to get hung up all the time.

Any reliability problems?

How does the pivoting blade perform on gravel drives?


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hello i have three western vee blades with the unimont system and i have had no problems. i heard that the new set up sometimes comes off when stacking snow.go see rockey casullo on elmwood ave in kenmore n.y. he will take care of you. if your truck can handel the vee blade get it.any questions feel free to e mail me thanks

Chuck Smith

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The Ultra Mount IS the new design. The Uni Mount is the "old" design. The Ultra Mount pivots, as ADA said. It is also much easier to mount on the truck.

Sal........I too have a new straight ultra...Yea it seems
to hang low. Very easy to get hung up stacking snow!
My old western hard mount would stack the snow
HIGH ! But I carry a wench that plugs into the cig
lighter and hook up to the nearest object and pull
myself out ! Just gotta be careful...But it seems all
new quick mount plows hang low...So ya gotta be
careful I guess. I got 10 hard winters out of my
old western and my bud bought it and its still
working fine. I hope my new one lasts as long
and is troublefree......................geo


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I have one, live in buff

Used it all season. I had someone tell me that if you hit a pile with it hard enough it will fall off. that bull. i hit some piles hard to test this theory. it hit some big cracks in driveways. never fell off. they are low. the receiverbrackes on the new 2001-2002 chev and gmc are very low to the ground and will bottom out on you. go to your local dealer and have timber 'ns put on. (not sure of the spelling.) they will give you at least 2-3 inches more clearence and you could leave the mount brackets on.

One thing to remember. the uni mount blades are all interchangable. the unlta mounts are really one for that vehicle. 2001 gmcf to 2001 gmc would be fine. with unimount if you get in trouble you could swap the bldes with any truck.. just something to think about.

I have contacted western and spoke with many plowers and none of the ever had a blade fall off if it put on correctly. they lock down. great time saver and easy to drop and load.

Mike 97 SS

Fisher's Minute Mount doesnt hang low at all. All that stays on the truck is 2 straight pieces sticking out under the bumper up high. I think if and when i get a new plow, im going Fisher, right now i have a Western Uni-Mount. This reply has nothing to do with Westerns, but i just wanted to say that about Fisher because someone above said all new quick mount set ups hang low and i think he is 100% right for every make except Fisher. :waving: Mike
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Mike ... I think you are right about the Fisher
mount height.......Was looking at my buds new
set up on his 2500 Chev. It doesn't seem to
hang as low as a western as compared to my
set up. It only seems to be 5 inches higher
up anyway. These GMs don't seem to ride as
high as Fords or Mopars. Maybe the Fisher
mount is higher because of the trip edge
instead of a full trip western ?
On the deal with the uni-mount westerns coming
off...Got Grass aka mikes uni came unhooked
somehow last winter and BASHED his hood in !
Pray for snow !...........geo

BTW; We were at the BBQ comparing bashes and
bruises on our year old trucks !......Boo Hoo
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