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About a month ago we where at the plow shop and while we where waiting for the truck we had there to get fixed we watched a video on the new mounting system that western is comeing out with. Not realy sure what I think about it yet. I was wondering if any of you guys have seen it yet and what you think about it. I am thinking of puting a western on the truck I just bought to replace the Meyer thats on it know.


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Looks like a very easy install. I saw them at the NTEA show in March. the push plate articulates to make it as easy to install on even or uneven ground. The rest of the plow seems the same.
Fisher has done something very similar with the MM2. But really how fast does putting on and off the plow really count. We as pros have our plows on way before the snow flies, and keep them on long after it stops. Some trucks went all season this year with out the plowing off.


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I agree. Once I put my plows on they pretty much stay on. I would rather have a very stiff and secure plow then super fast mounting and removal. Personally if I could fit the old style Fishers on new trucks I would. Since I can't I have to go with the minute mount as the strongest, in my opinion, mount available. Mounting speed means nothing when the plow breaks and you are stuck during a storm.


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Mounting Speed

I'm somewhat surprised by your answers. I also feel the same way that a secure and safe mount is more important than speed. That is why we have not joined the band wagon of speed mounts. We will continue to use the 3-pin system and have yet to have one claim that the 3-pin system failed. Besides, once you get use to your plow of choice, it becomes easier and easier each time.


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your right Dino I would rather have the old system that fisher made>A freind of mine has both the old and the new and the old is alot stronger.The channel is very thick compared to the new MM.They get good $$ for these plows and I think that we should get the quality that we are paying for not the hours that they put in designing plows for the home owner. Doesn't every one agree.

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Hi, I purchased a 9' ultri past fall. With record snow the product preformed perfact. Easy on/off is a under statement. Less than a minute easily, with no strains or pains. The best thing I like is the simplicity.
About the quick mounts. We were attracted to Boss in part by the quick mount for the first truck (RT III). Well, it worked well an we bought another. After ready above, I realized the following observation. One plow goes on in November, comes off in January once for a grease job on the plow and truck, then stays on to April 1st.

My truck, on the other hand, has had the blade on/off at least 45 times this winter. I do use and appreciate the quickness and convenience. What would be handy is to have an auxillary hydraulic control switch right on the tower to allow mounting - I have lost more time to walking back and forth to the control box than actually fighting with any hookups.

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Deere John, I also took my plow of often. It was the first time I ever had one so fast and easy,I have not used your brand and I don't promote any certain brand of front mounted plow. This one there is no eletric switchs or any walking back and forth.


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Up to this year our shop space was not very big. However over the last summer we built 2 new buildings, and tared much of the shop. So now plow removel and mounting is easy.

Some of our trucks had plows on them from Novemeber to April. Those were generally our trucks that also had spreaders. However the trucks that got driven daily would remove there plows if snow wasn't in the forcast. Most of this winter plows stayed on trucks because it snowed almost every week. However I think that most of the daily drivers removed there plow at least 5 to 8 times this winter. I know the plow on my personel truck came off after every storm.

The key with the Fisher Min Mount is to keep the plow on a level surface. With out plows stored inside or on tar, that is not a problem. Last week we parked all our plows in the empty salt shead for the summer. Then there was a chance of snow, and we were able to reinstall them all easy, becase of how they were stored. If we had stored them on the soft gravel it would have been a different story.

As for vehicle maintmance, our mechanic can change the oil with out jacking up the truck. So the only time we removel the plow is if the truck must be lifted off the ground for maintmance.

Regarding crooked/unlevel mounting locations, my carport is sloped to the right, and sunken in a few spots from parked vehicles. I had some grief initially with the plow being on one plane and the truck sitting at a different aspect.

Me thunk, and me thunk and me thunk of filling the sunken spots where the wheels sit with water to level them up with the plow. The carport keeps the sun off the ice, the ice gets grit from the tires so it isn't slippery, and I had no more grief.

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