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Western Tour

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by John Allin, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. John Allin

    John Allin PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,327

    With our continued exponential growth I'm starting to test products (other than the ones we have been using for the past several years) on the market in an effort to find what will work best for us in the years ahead.

    As alot of you know, I was at the Western Plant last week in Milwaukee. They have a very impressive facility. Large but very well organized and streamlined. I was quite impressed with the fact that they build, assemble, paint, etc. EVERYTHING themselves - right there. Hydraulics, controls, pumps, plows... all of it is built there. From scratch.

    The people in their production area are obviously committed to quality. The woman in charge of the department where they build the hydraulic systems spent a half hour with me explaining just how they operate and how they oversee quality issues. She didn't have to do that, but gladly explained the entire process and patiently answered my questions.

    I also spent several hours with their product development people, going over the industry in general and where they can go to continue to be a leader. I do believe they are "listening" to us that move snow for a living. They showed me some things that are in the works for the future (sorry, can't tell you and promised not to give out trade secrets), and they seem to be very progressive in the area of product development.

    As alot of you know, we are strong proponents of the V blade technology (as well as the containment plows), and I was particularly impressed with Western's new "V" plow (out and on the market this winter). Extremely well built in my opinion. We have acquired one for a 1997 one ton Chevy dump we bought last week and expect to put it into service next week sometime.