Western straight blade to v plow

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    I have a straight blade ultra mount pro on my truck now. I looked at my harness and it's a 12 pin plug. If I upgrade to a v plow in the ultra mount era can I just swap controllers and it work or is there something else I need? Thanks for the help
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    Pretty much any V plow will require all new wiring and controller. Specifically what will depend on the exact plow. But even if you found a very old 12 pin v-plow, it won't have the right connector in the cab for the v plow controller
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    Are we talking about 2 plug relay style wiring here?

    As mentioned above, do you have the 14 pin round connector in the cab or a 6 pin rectangle?

    If you have the 6 pin rectangle, the 12 pin vs 9 pin is related to the headlights

    If I recall correct... You have independent grounds and low beam feeds to each headlight on the plow headgear.