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Hi, I have questions on a western stainless steel tailgate spreader. It looks like it might hold 600 lbs. I do not know how old it is but it is in fairly decent shape. I was looking to put it on my second truck. I already have a smith spreader for my dump. I want more flexibility. The seller wants $350 for it with no controller. He hooked it up to a battery and it worked. Do you think that is a good price?

Also, will a regular switch or a home dimmer switch work? It is a gravity feed with no auger and a gate you have to slide so will bulk salt with fines work? How is the spread pattern with the little stainless spinner? Any Help would be appreciated.

Thanks Joe

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In my opinion, they stink, its use to be the #1 trade in when they were popular,and just take a look at the $ on a replacement motor and u will fall over! Good luck PT.


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I do have the stainless steel unit you refer to. Mine holds approx. #400. I got it for a really good price but if it ever goes down I'll most likely move up to a newer model like a Byers. Had I been to this site before I bought this unit I would have seen the benefit of the newer 2 stage salters. I think the 2 stage is the way to go.
I do have to say that for two years so far no problems with this one other than it tends to bridge and it has a manual salt gate to shut off when you travel.


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