Hi,I need suugestions in choosing a spreader.I'm looking at a Western(great dealer)1000 Low Profile or a PRO-FLO 2.When I asked my dealer about the 2000 Low Profile he thought it wasn't worth the extra money for little bit more cappacity.I like the idea of the Low Profile with a swing away mount,that way I could get a blower in and out easily(I understand the hopper has to be empty to swing it).My dealer recomends the PRO-FLO 2,because of the versatility of the materials it can handle.I was going to use the Low Profile so I could get a two-stage snow blower in the bed but if I go eith the PRO-FLO,I would have to use a single-stage.Any ideas?Thanks for the help again,BASIC.
Get the 2 stage Pro-flo2.You can run bulk materials,which would be way cheaper.Even bagged material will still sometimes bridge in the single stage units.

You are correct,the unit must be pretty much empty to utilize the swing away unit.

If your just doing real small stuff,like a few bags at a time,the single stage unit may do the trick,and let you get the blower in and out of the bed easier.If you plan on getting any bigger in the future,get the two stage.


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Ditto wyldman's comments. If you're not doing much salting, go for the single stage; if you do a decent amount, or plan on growing next season, get the 2 stage. Both are great units. You could set up a swing away mount for the Pro Flo 2 also if that is necessary. It would take a good fabricator and a few bucks, but it can be done.


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I have the speedcaster (fisher) but its the same at the western. I know the 2 stagers are alot better, but I only use bagged salt and it works good for me. In the long run, the 2 stage is going to pay off. As far as getting the blower out of the truck, when you get to the site, help your sidewalk guy get it out of the truck and carry on.....;)

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