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Western Snowplow Factory Open House

Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by Garagekeeper, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. Garagekeeper

    Garagekeeper Senior Member
    Messages: 459

    Just wanted to remind everyone to come to Western Products
    "Get Ready for Winter" Snowplowers Annual Open House.

    When: Thursday, October 6th at 11 AM to 6 PM
    Where: Western Products - 7777 N. 73rd St., Milwaukee, WI.

    The Annual Open House includes a one-day sale on Factory Original Parts.
    Plus a chance to win a "FREE" Snowplow.
    You can do one of the factory tours and check out the snowplow and spreader product displays while your there.
    You will have the opportunity to speak with Western Sales Reps and Western's unbelievible Service Technicians.
    If you attend you can pick up a "FREE" Western baseball cap.
    Did I mention the "FREE" hot dogs, and sodas.
    Hope to see some of you there..
    :rolleyes: John....
  2. Kason & Riley

    Kason & Riley Senior Member
    Messages: 122

    Maybe the techs could show me how to take off a western plow with uni-mounts in less than a 1/2 hour. lol.