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Western Snow Plows Discussion

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Sean Adams, Nov 7, 2005.

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  1. Sean Adams

    Sean Adams Member
    Messages: 40

    Hello Everyone -

    Once again, as in year's past, one of our Sponsors - Western - will be conducting a discussion. Feel free to join in, ask questions and participate. Let them know we appreciate their support of this site!
  2. WesternProducts

    WesternProducts Sponsor
    Messages: 127

    Western Snowplows Discussion: 11/7 - 11/11

    Welcome to the Western Products Discussion!

    Once again, Western has opened this thread to discuss any technical issues, as well as answer any product-related questions regarding our snow and ice control equipment.

    In addition, we encourage any feedback you might have regarding new product requests/ideas and future improvements.

    We will try to answer all posts in a timely manner. We thank you in advance for your participation and look forward to your comments.
  3. genrock

    genrock Member
    Messages: 60

    I have a question for western. Why dont you offer sales right from your site. I hate nothing more then tracking down a local distributor just to find out they have increased there price to make up for there costs of there shop etc. Why not set up central located warehouses and have an online store where your parts and products can be purchased factory direct. I think you should check out fishers site and see how there doing business cause the next plow I buy will be a fisher. I love westerns and know the ins and outs of them but your parts ordering is lacking in the online sales department. Not sure if you have a catalog or not your site is a bit confusing if you ask me.
  4. WesternProducts

    WesternProducts Sponsor
    Messages: 127


    Thank you for posting. In response to your comment regarding selling direct as opposed through our distributor network... we trust that our distributors will sell, service, and support its customers to the best of their ability. By having an established distributor network, it gives us even more time to focus our time and resources on manufacturing, product innovation, etc. so that we continually provide you with the best possible snow and ice control products available.

    In response to your statement regarding Web sites, what in particular do feel is good about the Fisher Web site? Are there any snow and ice control manufacturers that allow you to purchase snowplow parts online?
  5. getmydrift

    getmydrift Member
    Messages: 44

    I live out on the west coast, been shopping for a western plow, all the dealers out here are more than 1500.more than the dealers anywhere else in the country. If i want to buy a v plow here in lake tahoe they want 7400 installed. in salt lake city, the same plow is 5600 installed. what gives. their forcing us to go with other brands. I like western, but not that much. plus your dealer, told me their must be some mistake, and to fax him a quoat from other dealer. when I did, he was was so rude, telling me that was what he can get , and to drive to salt lake, then hanging up on me. not a good way to represent your product.
  6. WesternProducts

    WesternProducts Sponsor
    Messages: 127

    Dear getmydrift,

    I agree. This is not a good way to represent our product. To behave in a rude manner and abruptly hang up is no way to treat a customer.

    Our dealer network consists of independently owned businesses. What this means is that Western cannot dictate a sales price. We provide our dealers with a suggested list price. Ordinarily, the dealer will retail the equipment at a competitive price for their market area.
  7. SnowMatt13

    SnowMatt13 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,559

    When will Western come out with a ploy v-plow? We will be purchasing a new 3500 dump next year and I prefer to put a poly on it. I personally have owned a poly for 6 years now and will never go back to steel if I don't have to. Also, thanks for your sponsorship of this site. It is great to have sometihing like this available to people who plow. Everyone from a homeowner to a large snow removal company has a place here. Thanks!!:waving:
  8. WesternProducts

    WesternProducts Sponsor
    Messages: 127

    Dear SnowMatt13,

    We are happy to have the opportunity to speak with you and appreciate your interest in Western. For this season (2005 / 2006), we will not have a poly v-plow available. I cannot provide specific information about future products; however, I can assure you that our product development group is working diligently on a number of projects. New product announcements for next season will be made through our dealers and on our website www.westernplows.com next spring and summer. Keep posted.
  9. joemacf16

    joemacf16 Junior Member
    Messages: 8

    GMC ultramount

    Can you tell me the extent of the cutting required to use the ultramount on a 2006 GMC 2500 Sierra? Also the ground clearance that I could expect with the setup? Lastly, does Western offer a polyurethane cutting edge?

  10. OneBadDodge06

    OneBadDodge06 Senior Member
    from Iowa
    Messages: 770

    Just a few suggestions:

    I'm no engineer mind you but here we go. There needs to be some help with the speed of lifting an MVP. I've dinked with the quill and its either slower yet or it slams so hard that an earthquake happens in China. Another thing is I've modified the plow stops on my ultramount to obtain maximum height clearance when transporting. They look like factory parts completely just missing an inch of material.

    Last time when a Western rep had a forum, I commented about the poor quality welds. The rep replied that all parts are inspected for quality. I still see porosity, undercut, and other things that could cause failure. Is it ok by Western's quality manual to send out defective work? I don't mean to be tough be we rely on this equipment and for the several thousands of dollars who wouldn't expect the best. Overall, Western is the best plow around IMO. Thanks for sponsoring this website! I look for great returns on my investments!!
  11. farmermatt

    farmermatt Junior Member
    Messages: 11

    8' pro poly

    I am looking to buy a plow for my 1 ton chevy and would really like to go with a poly moldboard. The only thing i was worried about was whether or not I could install wings on a poly plow I appreceate your response and sposorship
  12. NJ Plowman

    NJ Plowman Senior Member
    Messages: 794

    Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that you have one hell of a great product. I run about a dozen of your 7.5 and 8.0 Conventional Mount, Cable Operated Pro Series Plows (circa 1980's) and they are out on the road and still making money. Your online manuals and documentation via your website is also fabulous. Our local dealer (Van Dines in Hackensack NJ) is one of the best guys you will ever meet, he represents your product extremely well. You'll get no complaints here, I am extremely satisfied with your products and service and that of your dealers/distributors. It's also great that you support this site and the snow industry in general, keep up the fantastic work! :drinkup:

    ADLAWNCUTTERS Senior Member
    Messages: 212

    i love western plows and that is all i will use. i must admit the paint jobs need some improvement in high salt areas they don't hold up. even if you wash them after every snowfall. they suck.maybe i am asking too much . thanks
  14. finnegan

    finnegan Senior Member
    Messages: 313

    lol that ones funny -whats wrong with that ......
    as far as the welds they are probably done the same as they are done at my work (robots) and then inspected by someone who was told to look for ,not by someone who knows how to weld-thats how we end up with problems at our place(american axle) porosity and undercutting are signs of robots because a human operator would make the necessary adjustments to ensure a quality weld.......


    ps i love western products and im not bashing them-i run 2 proplows -but it seems they need to adress these welds have had to make repairs on several pro setups especially the pivot point on the a fraems being super weak-i'm in the process of rebuilding one that has a bearing in it to relieve stress........
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2005
  15. OneBadDodge06

    OneBadDodge06 Senior Member
    from Iowa
    Messages: 770


    There's nothing wrong with it at all :) . Its just I don't want to get an earful from old farts that go to bed at 8 pm after Matlock is over about the plow slammin to the concrete.

    These welds don't look like robot welds. Not saying they aren't but as sloppy as the pattern is, and the weave it looks to be hand welded. From the MVP's I've seen on display the undercut has been on the power box, looks like major out of position that someone with no experience would do.

    Where I work, John Deere, we do mainly hand welding but now they're buying more and more robots. Usually an experienced welder gets those jobs since they know what to look for and can fix it. But I agree that a robot doesn't knkow when its screwing up. :drinkup:
  16. WesternProducts

    WesternProducts Sponsor
    Messages: 127


    If you use the 67891-2 UltraMount on your '06 GMC you will not have to do any cutting of the air dam.

    Are you talking about ground clearance with the plow off or with it attached? With out the plow you will be close to stock clearance. Approximately 12" with the receivers removed. With the plow on the lowest point would be approximately 6" off the ground.

    Western Products
    Technical Service
  17. WesternProducts

    WesternProducts Sponsor
    Messages: 127

    blade masters

    Lifting spec for a MVP is 2 seconds.

    It is not okay by Western's Quality department to let known defective work leave the premises. We do use a combination of both robotic and human welding.

    If you have a defective or questionable weld please take the blade to your local Western distributor for inspection. They can forward photos of it to us if necessary. If a weld is defective it will be covered under warranty.

    Western Products
    Technical Service
  18. WesternProducts

    WesternProducts Sponsor
    Messages: 127


    Western does not recommed the addition of wings to ANY of our blades. The only exception to this is our Pro Plus model which was designed specifically for use with Western's optional Pro Plus wings.

    Western Products
    Technical Service
  19. WesternProducts

    WesternProducts Sponsor
    Messages: 127

    NJ Plowman

    Thank you for your post. It's good to know that 20+ old products are still in use today, especially considering the environment they are used in.

    Sounds like you are also making good use of the reference material available online in Publications Library @ www.westernplows.com Any technical document that we have can be found on the website.

    It's nice to hear that you are very happy with your distributor. All too often we hear exactly the opposite.

    Thanks again for the post and your interest in Western.

    Western Products
    Technical Service
  20. WesternProducts

    WesternProducts Sponsor
    Messages: 127


    Glad to know that you love your Western. Sorry to hear that you are disatisfied with the paint. How old are your blades? We have to admit that our first attempt at powder coating wasn't the best. Since then we have spent a significant amount of money buying a state of the art powder coat system.

    Any blades produced since mid '02 will have superior powder coating compared to blades that were produced previous to that.

    This applies to all powder coated items not just the blades.

    Western Products
    Technical Service
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