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Western Products Introduces Trifecta of New Tailgate Spreaders

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by Michael J. Donovan, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Michael J. Donovan

    Michael J. Donovan Head Moderator, Online Communities Staff Member
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    Western Products Introduces Trifecta of New Tailgate Spreaders ​

    • Western Products releases WESTERN® PRO-FLO™ 900 and PRO-FLO™ 525 tailgate spreaders
    • LOW-PRO 300W wireless electric tailgate spreader also unveiled
    • New products will be available for 2015-16 snow removal season

    MILWAUKEE (March 5, 2015) — Western Products announced the addition of three new tailgate spreader models to its ice control equipment lineup: the WESTERN® PRO-FLO™ 900 and PRO-FLO™ 525 tailgate spreaders and the LOW-PRO 300W wireless electric tailgate spreader. The company introduced the trifecta of tailgate spreaders to attendees at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

    The PRO-FLO 900 (9 cu. ft.) and the PRO-FLO 525 (5.25 cu. ft.) tailgate spreaders have a corrosion-free poly hopper for long-lasting, de-icing performance. Two instant-start, 12-volt electric motors power the heavy-duty auger delivery systems and spinner assemblies. Both the PRO-FLO 900 and PRO-FLO 525 spreader models include a new enhanced dual variable-speed control that allows operators to match material delivery and spread patterns to conditions. The LED control features three standard accessory buttons, a dedicated blast button and easy-to-understand digital self-diagnostics that alert the operator when the spreader is empty or adjustments are needed.

    The PRO-FLO 900 holds up to 720 lbs. of bagged or bulk de-icing material and is available with optional 2" receiver hitch, 3-point hitch and pivot/GM pivot mounts. The PRO-FLO 525 holds up to 420 lbs. of material and comes standard with combination 2" and 3-point hitch mounts.

    Delivering the ultimate in wireless convenience, the LOW-PRO 300W “plug ‘n’ play” wireless electric tailgate spreader comes standard with a 2" receiver hitch and 7-pin plug, making it easy to install on many vehicles without drilling or wiring. The wireless one-touch, on/off key fob control provides convenience and offers two spinner speeds to match spread patterns to the application. A wide variety of mounts are available, so the LOW-PRO 300W spreader can fit on many vehicles, including pickup trucks, SUVs, UTVs and tractors.

    A fully enclosed 12-volt motor and maximum torque transmission power the LOW-PRO spreader's 10" corrosion-free spinner. The hopper holds up to 3 cu. ft. of rock salt and a clear weather cover is available as an accessory.

    Information on the new tailgate spreaders will be available in the online WESTERN Spreader Showroom in April 2015.

    About Western Products
    Western Products is proud to be a part of Douglas Dynamics, North America’s premier manufacturer of vehicle attachments and equipment and home to the most trusted brands in the industry. For more than 65 years, the Company has been innovating products that not only enable people to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively, but also enable businesses to increase profitability. For additional information on WESTERN snowplows, visit our showroom or find your nearest WESTERN snowplow dealer.