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I was at my local Western dealer dropping off some cookies my wife baked, and wishing him a Merry Christmas. Right in the front of the shop, he had a mason dump, with an 8' 6" Pro Plus on it. Interesting design, dual shocks on the trip, very sturdy looking. It appears to have holes on the ends of the moldboard for some type of wings or other attachment. I asked him about it, and he said they do make a backdrag blade that attached to the moldboard. Our conversation was brief, but I will find out more about it, and try and post some pics. He didn't have any literature on it yet. It was an Ultra Mount.



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i saw the same thing at my dealer the back drag blade hooks on where the front one is and it looks like a V shaped blade but the front is taller than the back one.i guess when u back up it digs in.
it did look like one blade not a two blade design.i think it might be on there website to not sure.


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A mason dump is just a smaller 2-3 yard dump body on a light duy truck chassis. They got popular with the masonary trade because masons seem to use them to haul a yard or so of mason sand when they are building chimneys and such. True mason dumps have fold down sides, so that the sand or brick can be accessed with out climbing in and out of the back.
But basically no different than a small dumptruck.
Looks like a good design.We have had problems with the pivot points wearing out,as they are only thin plate on the a-frame.We beef them up in a very similar fashion to the new design.The quadrant and a-frame look very beefy.

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