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Western Pro-Plus With Wings or MVP. . Help Me Decide!!

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by jfm3, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. jfm3

    jfm3 Junior Member
    Messages: 15

    I need your guys input on this matter. . . My dad bought a new 06 Ford F-350 Superduty, Diesel, 4x4, Lariat, crew cab, long bed, single rear wheel pickup truck. . . And are having trouble deciding between a Western Pro-Plus 8.5' ultra mount With Wings or a Western ultra mount MVP 8.5' or 9.5' plow. . .
    i want to hear from the guys who have these plows. . . was the v plow worth it? any problems with it? any problems with westerns in general to look out for? are wings on a straight blade a big advantage to prevent spill-over?. . .any in-put on the matter would be considered and appreciated..

    this would be our first western plow. . my dad and i both agreed on western being the pro plus appears to be engineered and built strong, and also because of the ultra mount. . Oh and how do you guys like the ultra mount?? seems to me western hit a homer with this! we were leaning towards a boss 9.2' v, but with all western has to offer seems win - win, i hope....

    my dad's last truck was a 96 Ford F-350, Diesel, 4x4, crew cab, long bed, single rear wheel, we had on there a meyers c-8.5' straigh blade with a classicc mount and an e-60. . . .that's all my dad ever had was meyers plows in the last 30 years. . . 4 of them...but in the last 5-6 years we were replacing solenoids and chasing many ground problems . . . so with all that in mind and the way western is building plows, we are getting a western
    . . .
    thanks guys. . great website been a member for a year or two now, but always just sat back and read...lol.. thanks for putting up with my long post...better to have too much info than not enough. . hahah......Joe
  2. cet

    cet PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,257

    I will put in my 2 cents.
    We are running a number of plows and we have a 9'6" Fisher. This plow is great. In the scoop position it will move a lot of snow. When wind roeing you still have the spillage. We also have a 860 Blizzard speedwing. It will scoop snow well and you avoid the spillage problem. The next problem is this thing is wide and can't be made smaller. It is not a problem for us as we do 95% commercial. An 810 would be great but there are a lot of moving parts, paint job sucks and the thing is heavy. I am going to vote for the Pro Plus with wings.
  3. itsgottobegreen

    itsgottobegreen PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,351

    My vote is pro plus, but then again I got one. But it did replace a meyer classic on my 1999 F-350 dump. I AM SO MUCH HAPPIER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
  4. salopez

    salopez Senior Member
    Messages: 876

    I think it depends on what type of work you are going to be doing. If I were doing mostly res. I would def. get the 9.6 v...commercial pro plus....
  5. jfm3

    jfm3 Junior Member
    Messages: 15

    We have a few big commercial lots, and one fast food lot. . .and a bunch of driveways cause everyone is your friend when you get a big storm...hahah!

    but i think my dad is leaning towards a western pro plus 8.5' with wings. . .just for the fact it that there is a few less things to worry about, the wings help contain snow more, and the frame on the pro plus is crazy strong, expecially compared to a c-8.5 meyers

    but i wanna hear from guys who used to have straight blades and now have v plows . . .would you go back to a straight plow? i guess what im trying to say is a v plow worth it? and does it make life easier?
  6. salopez

    salopez Senior Member
    Messages: 876

    I understand and agree with you....If I were going to get something other then a straight blade and you are doing com. I would get the blizzard. They are way better in my opinion for plowing lots then a v plow.

    Me I am just going to wait for the western power plows to come out in a year or so....
  7. cet

    cet PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,257

    I have a 9' Arctic poly blade. My sides come out from the blade at 90 degrees so they are like a pusher box for a loader. When they are on they move a lot of snow. You can even windroe with them on but the trailing edge actually holds snow on the blade making it harder on the truck. They are also quite heavy. When we are behind or really busy I will put them on because they will move a crazy amount of snow fast. They will actually move more snow to the end of the lot even at full angle. This leaves less snow moving sideways and there is not as much to get rid of when you work your way across the lot.

    I will not go back to a straight blade without sides or wings. I think wings would be better because you can get a smaller plow which is lighter and then have the sides to scoop and stop trail off.
  8. jfm3

    jfm3 Junior Member
    Messages: 15

    thanks for the quick and detailed replies guys. . . leaning way towards 8.5' pro plus with wings. . .we should have a decision in a few days... However, we talked to our western dealer and they gave us some names and numbers of guys that they have sold the mvp v plows to. . .spoke to one guy today he said he loves the v plows. . . at this point we're still undecided, but as it stands now we r leaning toward straight blade with wings like i said. . . aginn thanks for taking the time with ur opinions. . keep em comingxysport
  9. BDB

    BDB Senior Member
    Messages: 124

    I have a 8.5 pro plus w/wings and love it! I had a 8.5 unimount pro plow and this thing pushes like crazy. The only one thing I will have to say is if you buy the wings you have to plow with them on 95% of the time. Other wise the cutting edge wears out and the wings are not....you put the wings on and it holds the plow off the ground because of uneven wear. And you have to repalce them all together. I will have to say I helped a friend plow a few town homes and I did the wouk of the two of them, straight blade back dragging and the V scooping. And I think it cleans much much better then a V. All in all it is well worth the money if you have any scooping to do. My picture is with the wings on
  10. Frozen001

    Frozen001 Senior Member
    from Rome NY
    Messages: 908

    You said you do a fast food joint??? If so is the drive thru space limited... that might dictate how big of a plow you can get. Personally I would go with a Vee blade if you have mixed comercial/res. They are much more versital of a plow, plus how can also put wings on a vee blade if you really think you would need them.
  11. jfm3

    jfm3 Junior Member
    Messages: 15

    yeah, frozen...we do a fast food lot. . the drive thru space is limited...my dad and i thought about that already and figured we'd have to take one or both of the wings off for the drive thru...
  12. JLM

    JLM Junior Member
    Messages: 3

    I have plowed with both the MVP and Pro Plus with wings. I think the Pro Plus with wings is more productive. This year Western is introducing a new V-plow. It’s called the MVP Plus. It is a v-plow similar to the Pro Plus with the option of adding the wings. It should give you the best of both plows. Not to mention very fast hydraulics and new much brighter lights. Give it a look
  13. Rbronkema psfd

    Rbronkema psfd Member
    Messages: 32

    Hey let me just say if you haven't already bought the western take a look at the boss 8'2'' and 9'2'' vees. They are the best plow I have ever owned. I had a 7'6'' boss straight blade for 7 years and then bought a new truck and my new vee blade last year The plow ran me just under 53 hundered bucks but that is with smartlocks, smarthhitch, and hid lighting(high intensity discharge) each head light has its own control module to power them. That is 4.5 times the light output of a convetional headlight. I love the smart hitch too. All you do is get out set the lock pins to the on postion plug the two plugs in and hit the switch. It mounts itself. I love it. I will never go back to a straight blade again nor a western. I had a western for my first plow and what a bi%$h it was mounting:realmad: . The straight blades are nice for driveways and small areas but nothing like a vee plow to scoop the snow to keep the trail off to a minimum. Talk to your dealer and see once if he will give you some numbers of people that he has sold boss plows too.
  14. OneBadDodge06

    OneBadDodge06 Senior Member
    from Iowa
    Messages: 770

    My 2 cents worth

    Blizzards have issues. Bad paint, slow hydraulics, wings have a tendancy to get spewed out the end of the plow, loose hardware........etc.

    Boss v plows can't trip in the v position so are you gonna count on a relief valve being set right and popping open when you nail a curb? I own a 8.5 MVP and I love it. It takes 30 seconds to hook it up and you have some error room when lining up. The Pro Plus or an MVP is the way to go. With residential I'd recommend the pro plus.