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western pro plus plows

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by cntryboymc, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. cntryboymc

    cntryboymc Member
    Messages: 53

    i just sold my 8ft diamond plow and am considering an 8ft western pro plus plow.this has more support to the blade.it will be going on a 1995 chevy k2500.anyone seen these or looked at them?
  2. sno-mover

    sno-mover Senior Member
    Messages: 274

    It looks like a real nice unit, I have plans to get a newer truck soon (F-350 superduty w/7.3) and I am torn between 8 1/2' pro+ or 8.5v:confused:
  3. Highpoint

    Highpoint Senior Member
    Messages: 241

    8' to 10' in seconds. Possibility?:)
  4. wyldman

    wyldman Member
    Messages: 3,265

    I've seen them,and it is one beefy plow.They have strengthened the blade,and beefed up the a-frame pivot and quadrant,which used to wear out all the time.

    If it's a straight blade you want,then the Pro plus is the way to go.
  5. sonjaab

    sonjaab PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,425

    CB.........Are you gonna buy new or used ?

    There have been quite a few used plow set ups
    in the Syracuse Post cheap !
    A 2 yo fisher MM set up for $900 in yesterdays paper.
  6. ProSno

    ProSno Senior Member
    Messages: 257

    I currently switched to Blizzards but my buddy runs only Westerns and he beats the crap out if them and when I tell you he beats them to deatjh thats an understatement, so far they have stayed together just fine and they seem to scrape nice too. Just my two cents.pumpkin:
  7. JustUsDe

    JustUsDe Senior Member
    Messages: 181

    When I had my plow put on I saw a pro-plus in their shop and I would have to say that is one beefy plow. I put a pro 7.5 on my truck they didn't have a 8.0 in stock but they had the 8.0 pro plus and was willing to sell it to me for about 350 more but I didnt want to put all that extra weight on my truck since I use it as my daily driver. But I have to say it looked good. After seeing how little my truck dropped with the 7.5 pro on it I would not think twice on buying the pro plus. I guess hind sight is 20/20. All well maybe next time.

  8. peewee

    peewee Member
    Messages: 44

    The added weight is well worth it in my oppinion. The extra dough is well spent.
  9. Heron Cove PM

    Heron Cove PM Senior Member
    Messages: 202

    You guys are KILLING ME :realmad:

    After being on this board for a couple of years now I am actually researching GOOD equipment. Thanks alot guys.

    I have been running Myers for years now :nono: ( I know I know) so today I looked at the Pro Plus and all I can say is WOW. If you have not had a chance to look at one, make time. This is got to be the strongest plow I have seen in its class yet. My dealer can put an 8'er on my truck with Wings, Back Drag edge, defector, and Timbrens for about $4500.00.

    Here are my questions:

    Does that seem like a fair price?
    For the guys who have had these for a season is it worth it?
    Westerns... I know all of the common problems with the Meyers; but what are some of the common problems with the Westerns? The Plows and the UltraMounts?

    Thanks - Marshall
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2003
  10. EZSnow

    EZSnow Senior Member
    Messages: 205

    the biggest problem I've had with my "old" western pro plow is knocking the center pivot out of it. the older ones were weak at best, but as chris has suggested, this has been MORE than taken care of with the A&Q on the Pro+. For that matter, it's pretty much been solved on the ultramount pro plows, too. Looks like a good plow. I'm still torn between it and the blizzys
  11. cntryboymc

    cntryboymc Member
    Messages: 53

    pro plus getting installed monday

    well guys,its official!i sold my 8ft diamond plow and remove it from my truck on saturday.i went and saw my new plow-8ft western ultramount pro plus with back drag edge today.this one is a mean looking plow.my dealer said he will have it installed in 3.5 hrs.one question though-he asked if i wanted a relay lighting system or an isolation module system.the module is like $200 more and he said it adds more wiring in the engine compartment.any thoughts?