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    I have some questions about a pivot bolt on an 8' Western unimount. I replaced it several years ago and I don't remember there being a tube spacer they are calling for. Where does it go? I'm sure the holes in the a-frame and possibly the quadrant are elongated. Can they be repaired? By fabricating new plates? Has anyone had any luck with this? I'm not a welder so I would have to find someone to do it.
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    I redid my dads ultramount pro very similar a-frame and quad design as the unimout has. It was a good deal of work to make new plates and reweld them. If you took the whole plow a part and brought the parts to a welder I am sure it would be cheaper than buying new parts.
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    Her is a pic to show you were the tube spacer goes.. The quadrant and "A" frame have to be together .
    tube spacer.jpg

    If the top and bottom holes in the quadrant are "oblong" (out of shape) you need to have a welder fix the holes first.

    tube spacer.jpg
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    I recently went through mine. If the pin is worn or the holes are badly egg shaped you will need to replace the pin and/or repair the holes.

    If nothing is worn too badly...there actually is an adjustment! Download the manual from western. I believe it's the assembly manual that goes through the procedure for adjusting the pivot. If you look at the quadrant it appears that there is an extra plate welded inside the channel. The purpose of the sleeve is to "pinch" that plate and provide adjustment. The manual states that you should tighten the bolt down until you can't move the blade by hand then back it off. Please...look at the manual for exact details. It is very simple to do, but it is not fresh enough in my head for me to give you an exact step by step. I keep the wrenches in the truck with me and if the blade gets sloppy during a long day of plowing I snug down the bolt a little.

    BTW...with the sleeve in place the bolt will look like it is sticking up too high. This is how it should be so the head of the bolt clamps down on the top of the sleeve and not the top of the quad.

    Clear as mud?