western pro flo 1 problem

monday night, finishing up our route, my spreader began to have a problem, the spreader kept tripping, or stopping on its own. it would run ten seconds, then stop. so i had to keep turning it off, and back on again.

i replaced both the upper, and lower bearing this past fall, and they were greased after every run. also sprayed out regularly as well to remove salt and salt dust. today, ordered replacement parts for all moving parts, with the exception of the motor.

does the problem sound more likely to be an electrical problem, or the movable parts wearing out and freezng up?

if it does sound like an electrical problem, where should i start first?

BTW, i found no obvious loose or frayed wires at any of the connecting points.


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Sounds like it could be a problem with the motor or something locking up or binding, cause the motor to trip the circuit breaker. Disconnect the power. Pull off the top cover. Disconnect the belt and make sure everything spins smoothly. Inspect the tension pulley and top and bottom spinner bearings. Also check the shaft in the motor for play. I found when servicing or storing the Pro Flo that you should remove the cover and clean under it and put a little oil under the drive pulley since Western relies on the seal from the upper bearing to seal the shaft.


ok thanks for the advice. I did take off the top cover, spray it off well and spray with oil already.

one other question. should the main shaft which goes through the spinner, both bearings, and the largest pulley have any play in it? the shaft on this one has about 1/4-3/8 inch of play in it, up and down. I am not certain if that is normal or not.

i just want to know for this summer/fall, when we rebuild the spreader.

like i said earlier, we plan on replacing all moving parts. and, now that you mention it if the motor is less than perfect, will rebuild, or replace that also.

thanks for your help, kevin


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The spinner bearing shouldn't have that much play. Is that side to side or up and down? Take care of that motor. They are expensive ($350+) and its a $3.00 upper bearing that usually goes in them. They are easy to rebuild but the problem is making sure the motor seals properly. Use silicone on the o-rings and bolts. I even use some silicone on the shaft and upper bearing.

J Thomas has good prices on replacement parts and I can give you the numbers for the motor bearings if you need them.