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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Eric ELM, Dec 25, 1999.

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    I felt left out without the Western on this list. Western is the only plow I have ever used in the past 24 seasons, so I have nothing to compare it to. They have all been good ones. I use my floor jack to hold the frame of the plow when I take the plow off. I find the stand a big pain to use, but the jack works out great. :) Merry Christmas Everyone<br><p>----------<br>Eric@ELM<br>http://pages.prodigy.net/eric.erickson/index.html
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    Yes I find the western uni-mount system to be a huge pain in the a**<br>They certainly could have designed a better system. Even the fisher when on level ground at least is easy to install, and with the spring loaded pins,they snap in.<br>With the western you need to line up the a -frame to the holes on the truck, install 2 pins, then make sure the strut arms are not jammed, take out the pin that hold the head gear upright, and while holding all the headgear weight,push back on the head gear till the strut arm lines up with the peg on the lift frame,install a retaining pin, and repeat for other side. When that is done, you need to rotate jack stand up, and install two pins to hold that assembly level with the a frame. Then install the two electrical packs. ANd if the western unit is off camber ,forget it, you will be there a awhile, and a floor jack is a must.<br>WIth the fisher you just drive up and engage the v mounts into the lift frame, and if the ground is level,just push back on the head gear till the spring loaded pins engage, then raise the stand and hook up the two connectors. If the ground is level its not to bad, however if it is off camber it will be a chore. <br>That being said, I feel that western makes a great plow itself. It has a lot of features that other brands should look at. One is the moldboard design, if you like the rolling action of a diamond, the western is dare I say better, it really throws the snow off to the side, and with the rolled top edge,a deflector isnt needed in all but the driest (fluffiest) snow. It also has on the pro plows possitive stop return on the blade after it trips, so it transmits less shoch to the truck. It has a shock absorber to dampen the rebound on the return to non trip position. This alone is a good reason to buy a western, it also has a very good attack angle at the cutting edge to pavement area. It will slush off, and scrape hardpack very well. And like I mentioned earlier, much better than a fisher, and I would assume diamond, since their attack angle is even more angled back then fishers.<br>I think also that the western blade markers are the best out there. They are vinyl coated spring, and they never crack and always return to the upright position. Ad they never break where the little cables are pressed into the retainers at the bottom, since they dont have cables.And of course you get the silly little western flags mounted on the ends.<br>And the biggest reason to have a western is the fact that they are a founding member of SIMA<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment Think Snow<br>

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    have always used meyer but enjoy the western now that they have updated pump and the uni-mount system
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    I have the Western UltraMount.

    All i can say is........ 30 seconds
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    Whats your take on yhe WESTERN ULTR-MOUNT?

    30 secs. is hard to beat! PT.
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    Please notice the date of the original post, you are replying to a 5 year old topic.
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    Wow..... didn't realize this thread was that old.

    The UltraMount is 30 seconds... no exaggeration.

    Drive into it, flip two stands... locking it in place. Plug it in and go.

    I've mounted mine four or five times and had no problems. 30 seconds

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    thats why western is out selling fisher for 03/04
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    I have the dolly Wheels that western sells. They are the best things in the world for a uni mount. My plow tilts on the wheels.
    I can lift the frame up with 1 finger. Still can't beat the new ultra mount but it is easier.
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    do you like the chains on the western?? love my boss smart hitch thing too. so easy to mount. :D :D