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    I have a Western Pro, 7.5, unimount. It has been used one season, stored inside all the time. Last week I was going out of town for a while, and before I left I mounted this plow to my spare truck, and parked it outside. No problems with plow, everything worked as expected. Today when I returned, I went out to start it up to bring it into the shop for some maint., and something is not right. When I hit the raise or turn button, the solenoid clicks, and then shuts down the power. Wont raise or turn at all. I put it in the shop, to see if warming it up will do the trick.

    Is it water problems?

    Any help?
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    I am not sure, if its water for sure. However I had a pump freeze up once, and it sounds like your case. What happened to me, if at one time I was storing my plow for my truck at my house. So I changed the oil in my E-47 hydro pump in like august. Siad the trucks ready to go, and too the lift frame and pump down to store in my basement. Well moisture got into the pump, and it worked fine the first storm because it wasn't very cold. However I got home very late that night, and hadn't plowed the drive because i figured i would do it in the morning. Well that morning was a lot colder, and the pump was very very slow and made very weird sounds, bottom line I had ice in the pump, almost a total freeze up. So this might be your problem, I am not sure how cold it is where ya are.

    So my advice warm up the pump drain the oil, and put in new oil, and give it a try. Then again your could have a bad connection for your electric valves.

    However I thought the pump was junk that morning and went out a bought an E-60. The E-47 was used to power one of my pull plows.

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    If the solinoid just clicks, it's time for replacement.

    Have somebody hold the switch and cross the top of the soliniod with a screwdriver.
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    It could be water. You will know for sure once the truck warms up in the shop. If it is water, you need to change the fluid, <B>all</B> the fluid. Most guys drain the pump reservior, and clean the strainers, and that's it. There is still more fluid to be drained.

    You have to empty the angle cylinders, and hoses. It's a messy job compared to draining the pump only, but it's a must to change <B>all</B> the fluid. You can drain the pump, then hook up the plow, angle it once, and put water right back in the system. This is even more possible, when you consider after changing the fluid, often you mount the plow, and "test" it by lifting and angling it. In that short test, the fluid gets contaminated.

    I just drained and flushed my pump and angle rams last week, and was surprised at how clean the fluid was, but the strainers were still plugged up. For flushing, use kerosene. It won't hurt the O rings in the system, and any residue will mix with the hydraulic fluid.

    Think of it this way, you wouldn't drain the oil in your truck, and not replace the filter would you?

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    Thanks guys!

    I'm heading back to the shop shortly to see what I find. Lazer- this may be a stupid question, but could you be a little more specific on how to test the solenoid? What posts do I cross, the large across the top?

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    Yes... it's the large ones across the top, where the thicker wires are connected. It sound's like what they've said above it pretty much it. Either that, or there is something blocking the plow from coming up. Good luck...

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    I swapped a new solenoid, and it didn't help. It's been in the shop for a few hours, and still isn't working.

    I'm beginning to suspect wiring problems. Now the headlights will not go on when the wiring harness is connected, and the two half inch by half inch black boxes where a bunch of wiring plugs in are buzzing when the headlight switch is on.

    I'm thinking its in the harness wiring. Maybe I can hook up another western to it tommorrow to make sure its on the truck side and not on the plow pump or motor side.

    Thanks for the help- keep the ideas coming.
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    Another suggestion:
    Apply di-electric grease on both sides of the plug? Sounds like it's in your connection.
  9. John DiMartino

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    If the relays are buzzing,the wire that enegizes the plow lights isnt working.This wire is the running light wire,it is brown,the connector is probably the problem,do like Lazer said and wiggle the connector-try it again,Also check the big connector that has the 2 motor wires going thru it,if the ground side connection isnt good itll do the same thing.
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    Sounds like you may have a poor connection like others have suggested. The pump draws a lot of current, just like a starter on your truck. If you have a dirty/corroded connection anywhere it will click or buzz. Check them over good, especially the ground like John D. said. The effect is the same as a bad battery terminal. Good luck.

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    I had same problem on a older conventional western. It was a ground problem. It was not getting a good negative ground.
  12. OP

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    Got it !

    It was a connection. I just started pulling them apart and greasing and tightening them and got it fixed. Not sure which one it was, but I did them all.

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    The first thing that you always need to do before hitting the panic button on the elctric plows, is to check all connections and all the grounds. It is usually the simple things that are wrong. Glad you are all fixxed.