Western Plow Problem

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    So on my way home tonight i was driving with my brights on and then on my dash lamp out indicator came on so i put my low beams on and they worked now problem. When i finally got home i hopped out to see whats was going on so i put the brights back on and the drivers side was barely illuminating but was showing some light. Then i noticed the smell of burning wires or plastic so i went to check the connector for the plow lights to the truck and the connector its self was actually melting. i popped my hood and couldn't notice any other damage but there still not working correctly. I cant tell if there's a short because of the wired are all wrapped in the black stuff for the wire harness. Any ideas or has anyone had the same problem? I'm pressed for time because were suppose to get 18 inches starting tomorrow am. The connector thats melting is the one on the truck side for the drivers side lighting
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    problem is usually at the plug. water plus salt shorts out. replace the plug or wire straight for now. Add dielectric grease to the plugs to keep out water.