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Western Plow-Meyer Power Unit ? ? ? ?


You guys arent going to beleive my streak of good luck. First I bought a salt spreader for $200.00 Now someone has GIVEN ME (as in FREE) A Western plow,The power unit is busted. Looks like accident damadge.The alum. case that houses the hydro system is broken "bad", and there were no controls.plus the plow mount is "slightly" bent. My question is if properly altered or fabricated to fit my truck mount(meyer).Will my E-47 operate the power angle on the western if the couplings are made to match, If they already dont? The plow and" A " frame are in great shape.I would love to use it if I can- without buying a unit.The color matches my truck and it must be much lighter than my meyer. Is this at all possible ? ? ?


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Sure it'll work!

We had one of those combos in the welding shop yesterday. Don't worry, it broke from "abuse", not any inherent problem.

It was a 7'6" Western with a Meyer E-47 power unit. And he does a lot of plowing with it.

The couplings should be standard hydraulic quick-disconnects. If the hoses look at all questionable, get new ones made while you're at it.

I use a Monarch powerpack for my Western+Custom Fab plow myself - the mix & match approach can work just fine.


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I think so - depending on the A-frame width, all that may have to be altered are the two plates which accept the mounting pins. Check to make sure that the A-frame will be level with the ground when pushing, it may be neccesary to make new plates up to level things out (depending on the height of your truck's mount).

Either way, cut the old plates off the A-frame (careful with the torch - don't gouge anything!) and grind it smooth. Clean up your existing plates if they can be reused and put a good sized bevel on the corners where you are going to weld. These plates take all the force when pushing, so a good weld here is vital! If in doubt, let a pro do this because if the welds fail while you're travelling down the highway, ouch!

Whether you use new or existing plates, all you should have to do is attach them at the correct width to match your mount and away you go. Even if the A-frame itself requires widening, it's still not a bad job.


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Somerset, NJ
When you say "plates" you are referring to the mounting ears or tabs (the pieces that go into the truck mount), correct? I picked up a Western Plow earlier this year to use with my Meyer set up. The only thing that looked like had been changed were the mounting tabs. I just replaced the steel plate & the mounting ears on another Meyer plow I had picked up, so I just did what you need to do. Bob, you can buy those tabs or ears at your local plow shop (I figure its better to start with the new pieces instead of ones I had been torching, they're cheap). I don't think the A-frame needs to be widened. But you may need to replace the plate that the ears mount onto with a wider piece of steel. I've seen a few plows in use where that steel plate overhangs the angles of the A-frame, so you should be able to leave the A-frame intact, and just put the steel you need where you need it. As long as the welding is done right, everything should be fine.


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BRL - yes, I was referring to the "ears" or mounting tabs. I was going by what I've heard them called, but like a lot of things the terms used often differ from place to place. I'm from Canada, so that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

And you're right about only having to widen the back of the A-frame if neccesary - I forgot to mention that the Meyer/Western combo I saw had a piece of heavy (3 x 3 x 3/8) angle added across the back of the A-frame to carry the mounting tabs.


3"x3"x3/8" angle sounds like a winner to me.sounds like a quick solution too. thanks guys, Uncle Bob