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hi gang if you have a western uni mount plow set ,take a look at the passenger side frame where the under carrage bolts up. all three of my vee's where cracked at the weld point.i it probably from hitting curbs.i welded them up and there fine. two of the plows are new.


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With regard to the "pics of my trucks" post, I think I'm :confused: - don't see no pic! Did you hit "submit" before attaching the file? I have done that a few times!

As for the cracked welds, thanks for pointing that out - I would like to add one piece of info regarding the welding: If at all possible, before welding the crack gouge ("vee") it out so the weld gets right in there as opposed to just sitting over top of the crack. Also, make sure you start and stop your weld beyond the ends of the crack.

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