western plow for F-250 LD


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does anyone think a western 7'6 pro plow will work on this truck?
i never use this truck anymore and i would like to put it to some good use.it looks just like a F 150 and has a heavy service pk on it 8800 GVWR.i know the western is 738 lbs.i don`t wanna go with a meyers stl 7.5 606 lbs cause i think the plow i have on my lawn tractor is better built than the meyers. LOL LOL
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paul soccodato

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westchester ny
i think the truck will handle that plow fine. i have an 89 f-350 with a 7 1/2' pro plow. there's not a huge difference between a 250 and a 350( besides the front axle) yours is 8800 gvwr, mine is 9000.
ps, what year is the truck?


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The 250 L/D is quite a bit different than the 250 & 350 Super Duty, or 250 H/D from earlier years. I don't know the weight capacity of the front axle off hand, but in this case I wouldn't exceed that rating.

The F-250L/D is just a slightly beefed up version of the F-150. When these trucks first came out, Western was the first company to offer a plow for them, and the plow rode on what looked like a wheelbarrow tire when raised, the trucks front end couldn't handle the weight. This has since changed, and there are a number of plows to choose from, sans dolly wheel.

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I ran a Western pro poly 7 1/2 plow ( heavier than the steel) on a 97 F150 for 3 years with Timermans installed on the front. If you take it easy and with correct ballast in the rear you can plow with it. In fact I have a mount kit for a uni mount style plow for $150.00 plus shipping if you need one that I took off my truck when I upgraded to a 2000 F250 super duty which took a differant mount kit. I think I paid around $389.00 for the new mount. The F150 and the F250 LD in 97 had the same frame and would bolt right on however Western and Ford did not recomend it on those applications with a Extended cab truck which mine was due to front end capacitys. However I didn't have 6 people in the cab when I plowed either.

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