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A guy that works with me had just got a new as in "this year" Western Pro plow for his truck. Anyways, after just alittle plowing we did this year, the paint has already began to flake off. Needless to say he's alittle ticked off. I have heard of this proble befoe, but those were older plows, I thought they had this problem solved.? I had my Boss V for a 2 years now, and no probs at all. It just seems like if your gonna all that money you think it would last alittle longer. Anybody else having this prob? Any recalls on this? Any help or suggestions?


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Western has a 2 season warranty, they will correct the problem for him. Do a search under western paint and see what comes up. Alot of past discussions about paint issues with the plows. But like I have said before, I would rather have paint flake on a western than a cracked v plow like on alot of boss plows I have seen.


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It's a lot easier and faster to weld a crack on a hinge then to repaint a plow. (the right way) I friend wanted me to buy he's Western Pro plow, only a couple years old. It looked like it was 10 hard use years old. Not only was a lot of the paint chipping but the rust was starting to weaken the actual metal. Very pitted. Needless to say I passed on the plow.


I sub for huge crew with all Westerns, and I would say that the paint coming of is an issue. I mean on all of the metal plows most have paint flaking off.... Now for me my Meyer is terrible, almost no yellow on it at all, but I bought it like that and I will be sandblasting it, priming, and painting..... and will also put the new Meyer Logo on it so it looks good...

The poly westerns are great, I saw a guy plowing with them and that plow rolls awesome and in any condition

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I really think they are using bad steel. Same thing happened to our Western after two years. We had it sandblasted to bare metal, primed and repainted and after one years use it was starting to do the same thing.

Dino, have you had any problems after repainting?


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When you repaint you are most likely using the wrong paint,Chuck has some stuff that is suppose to work great, but you need a federal permit to use it.Might want to ask him what he uses,but if you have to go pick it up from what ever you do don't let him touch you!(you'll glow for a month)

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